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cut someone to the quick

 and cut someone to the bone 
1. Lit. to slice the flesh of someone or some animal clear through to the underlying layer of flesh or to the bone. With the very sharp knife, David cut the beast to the quick in one blow. He cut his finger to the quick with the sharp knife.
2. Fig. to injure someone emotionally. (See also cut something to the bone.) Your heartless comments cut me to the quick. Her remarks cut him to the bone.
See also: cut, quick

cut to the quick

Deeply wound or distress, as in His criticism cut her to the quick. This phrase uses the quick in the sense of a vital or a very sensitive part of the body, such as under the fingernails. It also appeared in such older locutions as touched to the quick, for "deeply affected," and stung to the quick, for "wounded, distressed," both dating from the early 1500s. The current expression was considered a cliché from about 1850 on.
See also: cut, quick


mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’m a little stung by the mule, but I can find my way home if you’ll just remind me how to open this door.
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Usually paracetamol is enough for the pain but medical help should be sought if the pain is severe or the face or genitals are stung.
The post-graduate student, who is studying bee behaviour, said that if one has to choose to be stung between in the nose and the penis, they would want to be stung on the penis, as getting stung on the nose is a whole body-experience.
On being stung in the genitals again, he recalled: "It wasn't a pleasurable experience, put it that way.
People often say they have been stung by a bee but they can be mistaken for a wasp or a hornet, and the venom in each is different.
I'd urge anyone who has a reaction when stung to get it looked at - next time it could be fatal.
Anthony McGuire, 49, died within five minutes of being stung as he cooked breakfast for his wife and two children.
On Sunday afternoon, Norma Rossiter was helping clean up a friend's Eugene rental house when a bee or wasp stung her on a fingertip.
When I finally managed to fight them off, I had been stung about a dozen times.
The resident, unable to cry out or move, is stung hundreds of times.
Now doctors are confident that Lawrence, who could have died if he was stung again, can play outside with his nine-year-old sister Stella without taking a syringe of life-saving adrenaline with him.
All three entomologists are also beekeepers who have been stung thousands of times.
Stinging insects are beneficial in that they pollinate plants and flowers and eat other harmful pests, but they also dole out painful stings and cause people anxiety about being stung.
You will know when you have been stung as you will experience an initial sharp pain followed by mild swelling, redness and soreness.
Anthony McGuire, 49, who lived in London but hailed from Co Mayo, died within five minutes of being stung as he cooked breakfast for his wife and two children two weeks ago.