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stung to the quick

Deeply emotionally hurt or offended. I was stung to the quick to learn that they called my dress tacky behind my back. The hostess, stung to the quick by her guests' words, locked herself in the bedroom upstairs.
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sting (one) to the quick

To deeply emotionally hurt or offend one. The comments stung me to the quick, but I remained composed and carried on with the lecture.
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sting (one) for (something)

To force one to pay a large amount of money, especially when that sum is surprising or seems unfair. The mechanic stung me for nearly $800 for various repairs when all I wanted him to do was change the oil. I was stung for a huge tax bill because of the money I won last summer.
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sting (one) with (something)

1. Literally, to pierce one with some very small, sharp-pointed instrument or organ, especially as found on plants, insects, and sea life. Jellyfish are able to sting people with tiny harpoon-like structures along their tentacles called cnidocytes. When a honeybee stings you with its stinger, the barbed point becomes lodged in your skin, causing continued pain for you but death for the bee.
2. To present one with some charge, fine, or fee, especially one that is surprising or seems unfair. All the mechanic did was swap out a replacement part, but he stung me with an $800 repair bill. Just be aware that the airline will sting you with a hidden 10% administrative fee on top of all the other costs for your trip.
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cut someone to the quick

 and cut someone to the bone 
1. Lit. to slice the flesh of someone or some animal clear through to the underlying layer of flesh or to the bone. With the very sharp knife, David cut the beast to the quick in one blow. He cut his finger to the quick with the sharp knife.
2. Fig. to injure someone emotionally. (See also cut something to the bone.) Your heartless comments cut me to the quick. Her remarks cut him to the bone.
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cut to the quick

Deeply wound or distress, as in His criticism cut her to the quick. This phrase uses the quick in the sense of a vital or a very sensitive part of the body, such as under the fingernails. It also appeared in such older locutions as touched to the quick, for "deeply affected," and stung to the quick, for "wounded, distressed," both dating from the early 1500s. The current expression was considered a cliché from about 1850 on.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’m a little stung by the mule, but I can find my way home if you’ll just remind me how to open this door.

cut to the quick

To be deeply wounded; to have one’s feelings hurt. The noun “quick” means the living, as well as the most vital and important part; today it also means the very sensitive flesh between the fingernails and skin. To be touched to the quick, meaning to be deeply affected, has been used since the sixteenth century; it appears in John Heywood’s Proverbs and in several places in Shakespeare’s plays (Hamlet, The Comedy of Errors, and others). Another version is stung to the quick, as in “The last appellation stung her to the quick” (Henry Fielding, Joseph Andrews, 1742). “Cut to the quick” is a still later wording and has been a cliché since about 1850. See also quick and the dead.
See also: cut, quick
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Out of 5804 cases, 760 cases of scorpion stung people were with a history of stings.
He explained: "If you're stung in the nose and the penis, you're going to want more stings to the penis, over the nose -if you're forced to choose.
Generally, most victims of scorpion stung people were in rural area (11762: 56.
I'd urge anyone who has a reaction when stung to get it looked at - next time it could be fatal.
He was stung when he brushed against a flower as he went into the back garden while cooking breakfast for me and the children,' said widow Lynn, 45.
She knew that she was allergic to bees, Rossiter said, though she got stung last year and suffered no ill effects.
The resident, unable to cry out or move, is stung hundreds of times.
Now doctors are confident that Lawrence, who could have died if he was stung again, can play outside with his nine-year-old sister Stella without taking a syringe of life-saving adrenaline with him.
All three entomologists are also beekeepers who have been stung thousands of times.
Almost all persons stung by fire ants develop an itchy, localized hive at the sting site which usually subsides within 30 to 60 minutes.
Anyone who has experienced any symptoms of anaphylactic shock after being stung should know that reactions usually become increasingly severe with successive stings.
Fire ants are a problem across the Southeast, where over 40% of the population is stung every year.