stump for

stump for (one)

To campaign or canvas an area on behalf of a different political candidate, especially by making speeches to large crowds. The former president has been vigorously stumping for his friend and colleague across the Midwest. It will be a huge boost if we can get such a renowned senator stumping for you.
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stump for someone

to go about making political speeches in support of someone. The vice president was out stumping for members of Congress who were running this term. Since all the politicians were out stumping for one another, there was no one in the capital to vote on important legislation.
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'We wanted to remove the stump for replanting but we were advised by our gardeners that the tree will actually re-sprout and grow again since it's an umbrella tree," he said.
I have a stump for a left arm but this story is nothing to do with that--not to do with the diabetic rot that set in and got control before I understood, before the doctors could act and save it.
I was taken by Anderson's interest in the old stump for a few reasons.
But Speriglio gave prominent credit to Stump for bringing him the story and convincing him to take on the case.
There is some evidence however, that they are protective against neonatal tetanus when applied to the cord stump for the first few days.