stumble into

stumble into (someone or something)

1. To collide with someone or something after tripping or walking unsteadily. Someone pushed me and I ended up stumbling right into the principal. I could tell John was drunk by the way he was stumbling into things on the way to the bathroom.
2. To enter some place while or as a result of tripping or walking unsteadily. I lost my balance and accidentally stumbled into the wrong classroom. A bumbling stagehand stumbled into the scene right in the middle of the play.
3. To become involved or embroiled with something casually, accidentally, or by chance. The accountant stumbled into the world of organized crime after being contracted by a mob boss to file his taxes. I actually stumbled into this job when I happened to get chatting with the company's CEO at a café a few years back.
4. To encounter or happen upon someone by accident or chance. I stumbled into Jack at the mall yesterday. It sounds like he's doing really well! The burglar stumbled right into a police officer after sneaking out of the house he had just robbed.
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stumble into someone or something

1. to trip and lurch into someone or something. Not seeing the brick in the path, Carl tripped and stumbled into Alice. Jamie stumbled into the wall.
2. Go to stumble across someone or something.
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