stumble across

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stumble across (someone)

To meet or encounter someone by chance. I stumbled across Jack and Janet at the mall yesterday. They said to say hello! If those park rangers hadn't stumbled across us in time, we would have been eaten by that bear!
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stumble across (something)

To find, discover, or encounter something casually or by chance. I stumbled across this fantastic little café the other day. Let me know if you stumble across my keys. I haven't been able to find them.
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stumble across someone or something

 and stumble (up)on someone or something; stumble into someone or something
to find someone or something, usually by accident. I stumbled across an interesting book yesterday when I was shopping. Guess who I stumbled into at the library yesterday? I got lucky and stumbled on the right answer.
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stumble across

Also, stumble on. Find by chance, discover or meet with unexpectedly. For example, When we were hiking up the mountain we stumbled across a few abandoned shepherd's huts , or At the flea market Alfred stumbled on a quite valuable old lithograph. This idiom uses stumble in the sense of "accidentally trip." [Mid-1500s]
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stumble across

To come upon someone or something accidentally or unexpectedly: I had given up finding my keys when I stumbled across them lying under the dresser. On my way to work this morning, I stumbled across an old friend I hadn't seen in years.
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make If you do, make sure you keep hold of the DVD and that it doesn't get copied anywhere that someone else could stumble across it.
My six-year-old reads the Mercury and this is not the sort of image I want him to stumble across.
They are not only successful in their trading but also learn the location of the planets where other humans were dumped and stumble across some of the overlords' hidden treasure in a space junk pile, to boot.
But when Lina, her little sister Poppy and her friend Doon (Harry Treadaway) start looking for answers as to why the city's power seems to be failing and the food supplies running out, they stumble across a long-lost box left by the original builders of the city, which may hold the answers they seek.
The Doctor and Rose stumble across Queen Victoria (Pauline Collins) who is stumbling into a trap laid by marauding kung-fu fighting monks - who have ditched God to worship a demonic werewolf.
Brave Kate and Gerry are right to cling to the hope that Madeleine is out there and an abductor will suddenly discover a conscience, or that a member of the public will stumble across their little girl.
BEING out of the country last year, I missed most of the football season so I was excited to stumble across a programme recently that looked back at last season's Champions League contest.
Science fiction and suspense mingle in this tale of a group of seismic surveyors working for an oil company in the Sahara who stumble across a metallic object embedded in sandstone.
Youngsters could stumble across X-rated scenes from Playboy TV, The Adult Channel and Television X.
You may have caught Have I Got Old News For You last night, or you may stumble across They Think It's All Over Again tomorrow.
BEAT bobbies stumble across the scene of a crime only once every EIGHT years, it was revealed yesterday.
If you stumble across anything illegal hosted by a reputable ISP, let us know at