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PRAYHoUSe has also made the source code of this stumble button available to its readers.
25, is called "Roamin' Holiday: Christmas With The Humble Stumble." It takes a lighthearted look at NOT spending the holiday with loved ones.
Emmylou Harris Stumble Into Grace Nonesuch / Warner
In the film the boys Anthony, 9, and Damian, 7, stumble upon pounds 229,320 from a bank robbery and decide to invest it.
We cause young people to stumble when we grumble about the marks on the floor or the walls after the youth group uses the hall.
Japan was predestined to stumble. The United States is not predestined, but if it does stumble, it will have company elsewhere in the world.
His closest friends, Nate Pope (Forest Whitaker) and Doc (Robert Duvall), are slightly amused at what they think is a tipsy friend's stumble across the parking lot.
And in 1992, the compression of four general election debates into nine days created a sense of excitement and involvement among voters that took advantage of the "sports" metaphor in the best sense: It was like following the World Series, wondering whether yesterday's winner would stumble. In my view, the sense of the campaign as an exciting event was one big reason why turnout was up so substantially.
Headlining on Friday evening are top UK band The Stumble, with a blistering mix of blues, soul and old school R&B.
'It's just natural that you stumble from time to time.
I READ with great surprise the report on the proposed extension to the licence at the Stumble Inn at Hinchliffe Mill.
During a rare night out, the Morgans stumble upon a hit-man fantol?
Cain's painful stumble is being compared to his rival Rick Perry's gaffe in a recent debate, when he forgot the name of one of the three US government agencies he planned to shut down.
I'm wondering whether she was just walking across the road when she suddenly saw the car coming, tried to stop perhaps, but because of the movement, exacerbated by the wind, was caused to stumble.