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stocking stuffer

A small Christmas gift placed in one's Christmas stocking or given informally. Our gift cards make excellent stocking stuffers! My mom always comes up with the weirdest stocking stuffers. One year she gave me individually wrapped summer sausages!
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n. a small gift that is suitable for putting inside a Christmas stocking. I got some little stocking-stuffers for the kids.
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There are several different options to consider when preparing your message for a statement stuffer. These options include a 3-panel, 2-panel, 1-panel and bangtail envelope.
Product was clogging the 3/4" pipelines running between the pumps and the stuffers. This caused the stuffers to deposit inac-curate portions of product into the salad containers.
This function was required because high-priority tasks such as the buffer stuffer had to delay for incoming data and the standard Unix minimum sleep of one second was too long to meet rate constraints.
Slight differences in flavor and texture show up -- tomatoes range from tart to sweet, watery to meaty -- but varieties are interchangeable in these recipes (except for stuffers; they're the best for filling).
In addition to those oh-so-meaningful presents, you can't forget those fun little stocking stuffers. From sophisticated shave kits to designer key charms, keep reading to see our top 10 last minute luxury stocking stuffer gift picks.
Turkey Stuffer: The deadline to register for the 32nd annual Turkey Stuffer Run/Walk on Thanksgiving Day is 7 p.m.
Also, the all-electric unit is said to be more energy-efficient and cleaner than a typical hydraulic stuffer. It's available for machines with injection units of 310 cc and larger.
Reuseit's Hemp and Organic Cotton "Everything Cloth" comes in a set of four and makes for a wonderful organic stocking stuffer. According to Reuseit, this is a multi-purpose product, meant to replace paper towels, wet wipes, paper napkins and even tissues.
Wrench Mints make the perfect stocking stuffer. Wrench Mints are currently available in peppermint and cinnamon flavor, with more flavors to be introduced soon.
And a court heard that, unlike most drug mules, he was a "stuffer, not a swallower" - meaning he pushed every one of the condoms inside him.
This children's picture book would make a wonderful stocking stuffer for little ones and comes highly recommended by this reviewer and her three children, ages 13, 8, & 7.
* If you do not publish a newsletter, create a payroll stuffer to distribute to employees quarterly.
Even at that size it doesn't cover everything (the Sex Pistols are notably absent), but it works nicely as a primer for those too young to remember--throwing in obscurities by bands like the Vibrators and Penetration along with the obligatory Elvis Costello songs--or as a nostalgic stocking stuffer for that loved one who sheepishly admits to having once had a Mohawk.
The award follows a prior Equipment Acceptance Certificate given to Loma for their pipeline metal detector commonly used on meat pumps and stuffer systems.
Most of the stuffers, however, look like lobed bell peppers and come in single colors, such as `Yellow Stuffer' and `Orange Stuffer,' which are the most commonly available varieties.