stuff (one's) face

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stuff (one's) face

slang To eat a lot of food, especially quickly and in a short period of time. I have to leave for my four-hour meeting in 15 minutes, and I don't want to be hungry later, so I need to stuff my face real quick before I head out. Sorry, I'm not hungry for dinner—I really stuffed my face at the luncheon earlier.
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stuff your face

If someone stuffs their face, they eat a lot of food in a greedy way. She picked up a club sandwich and began stuffing her face.
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stuff one’s face

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stuff (one's) face

To eat greedily.
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Towards the end, I was so sick of it - I wanted to stuff my face. I think I put on a stone straightaway."
He added: "I wanted to stuff my face. Keeping my top on these days is probably a good idea."
"But now I'm back home and I get to eat in all of my favourite restaurants every night, I stuff my face," she added.
But the best part is that animals don't have to suffer and die just for me to stuff my face. I look forward to seeing more articles and recipes for vegetarians in future issues.
In the past I've found if someone's advised me to lose weight, I've just wanted to dig my heels in and stuff my face. Is there a reason for her weight gain other than the obvious?
I stuff my face like a glutton, but it seems to burn away."