stuff (one's) face

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stuff (one's) face

slang To eat a lot of food, especially quickly and in a short period of time. I have to leave for my four-hour meeting in 15 minutes, and I don't want to be hungry later, so I need to stuff my face real quick before I head out. Sorry, I'm not hungry for dinner—I really stuffed my face at the luncheon earlier.
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stuff your face

If someone stuffs their face, they eat a lot of food in a greedy way. She picked up a club sandwich and began stuffing her face.
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stuff one’s face

See also: face, stuff

stuff (one's) face

To eat greedily.
See also: face, stuff
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CARA DELEVINGNE doesn't look like she loves to stuff her face but she's been getting a few cooking tips, nonetheless.
ACTRESS Bonnie Langford is looking forward to her Christmas visit to Birmingham - so she can stuff her face with Cadbury's chocolate.
But her parents should have taken it up with the school and the authorities instead of allowing their daughter to stuff her face.
The singer added she generally wants to stuff her face when she's feeling down but realises there's a need for moderation.
She's going to a fast food joint to stuff her face of course
AMANDA HOLDEN is loving being pregnant - so she can stuff her face with chocolate.
But instead of having the traditional gondola ride, Liz "Don't call me Liz" preferred to stuff her face with ice-cream.
After working up a healthy appetite swimming off the sun-drenched Caribbean island of St Bart's, the 31-year-old model obviously thought she deserved to stuff her face.