stuff down throat

stuff (something) down (one's) throat

1. To compel or physically force one to swallow an object. I hate how doctors try to stuff pills down your throat for even the tiniest of colds. The government has come under fire for ordering prison staff to stuff food down the hunger strikers' throats.
2. To force, compel, or attempt to make one accept, endure, consider, or agree with/to something. I hate going to my friend's house, because his husband's always stuffing political rhetoric down my throat. Look, I'm just browsing around for a car, quit trying to stuff one down my throat!
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stuff something down someone's throat

Fig. to force someone to hear, learn, endure, etc., some kind of information. I don't like the nonsense they are stuffing down our throats. Please don't try to stuff those lies down our throats.
See also: down, stuff, throat
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