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stud muffin

A physically attractive young man. Did you see Jane's new boyfriend? He's such a stud muffin that I was practically swooning over him myself!
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1. n. a male horse used for breeding purposes. (Not slang.) Last spring, we rented out all our studs and made some money.
2. n. a human male viewed as very successful with women. (Parallel to sense 1) Fred thinks he is a real stud.


n. a really good-looking guy; a stud. Who’s the stud-muffin with Sally?

at stud

Available or offered for breeding. Used of animals.
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Jessica, who has worked at Dunraven Stud, near Pyle, for 16 years, said: "It's a massive honour to win the award.
GIRLIE girls show your teeth with this lady bow spike stud bag, PS25 at Topshop.
com)-- Stud Construction Products, LLC announced today the national launch of their innovative new patent pending product, Stud-Tape[TM], designed with both the independent and commercial contractor in mind.
Wood Farm will be run in the same fashion as it always has been," Hemmings said yesterday of the stud, which can be followed via Twitter on @WoodFarmStud.
3 To stiffen up the partition, cut timber dwangs and fit them between the centres of the vertical studs.
The studs were kept from the market in advance of the World Cup 'in case the Frogs got their hands on them', said Wayne.
Mark Lake, an expert in footwear biomechanics at John Moores University in Liverpool and an adviser to the FootballAssociation, who has tested the boot, said: ``Many professional footballers have foot pain in areas where studs are located,like under the big toe and under the ball of the foot.
Another very real advantage of using steel studs is the beautifully straight walls that can be assembled with them.
Pertinent Data: The thick head design of the studs increases pull-through and torque-out resistance.
Now eighty-three, and a member of the fastest-growing age group in the United States, Studs gives us Coming of Age, sixty-nine interviews with sundry old people who have two things in common: they have beaten the biblical odds of three score and ten years (the oldest is ninety-nine), and they are not now, nor have they ever been, bystanders at life.
To use the apparatus to factor a given number, an operator would cap certain studs on each ring, following a mathematical recipe that involves a form of trial division, or sieving.
Basically, they can be categorized as being either studs or perforated chaplets.
StudSensor[TM] i20 OneStep[R] locates wood and metal studs up to 3/4 inches deep.