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stud muffin

A physically attractive young man. Did you see Jane's new boyfriend? He's such a stud muffin that I was practically swooning over him myself!
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1. n. a male horse used for breeding purposes. (Not slang.) Last spring, we rented out all our studs and made some money.
2. n. a human male viewed as very successful with women. (Parallel to sense 1) Fred thinks he is a real stud.


n. a really good-looking guy; a stud. Who’s the stud-muffin with Sally?

at stud

Available or offered for breeding. Used of animals.
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Notches in bearing wall studs may not exceed 25 percent of the stud's width.
PWCS turned to Enerpac and the company designed a custom GT4 hydraulic tensioner for removing the studs in a safe and timely manner.
Jessica, who has worked at Dunraven Stud, near Pyle, for 16 years, said: "It's a massive honour to win the award.
SCOOP up this stud neck shell top now PS12 from www.
AUSSIE RULES'S purchase by Lanwades Stud and Faisal Salman's Denford Stud is one of the most eyecatching stallion transfers in Britain and Ireland this year, writes Martin Stevens.
Monitran has devised a new stud option for mounting its vibration sensors and accelerometers.
Next, fit the frame to the studs, ensuring it is level.
Right now there are a lot of butches and studs that are not exactly sure about how they should be," Brignac admits.
One of those studs, Jake Fischer, is played by Ashton Kutcher.
Once the melted rod comes to the surface of the bolt or stud hole, a standard grade 8 flat washer and nut are welded to the material.
The studs press into the boot on flexible plates,absorbingenergy and reducing pressure on the foot at that point, New Scientist magazine reported.
For hanging straight cabinets on a long or high wall, remodeler Gary Moffie now uses engineered studs in the wall.
Why you should care: These self-clinching studs can be easily installed by squeezing them into punched or drilled holes.
Studs dropped him a note, after the commissar tried to get a group of women to rescind their invitation to Studs: "The ladies to whom you have written have, in response, decided to double my fee.