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To study (something) very intensely, especially within a short period of time. My wife specializes in corporate law, so she powerstudies every End User License Agreement we ever have to sign to make sure there's nothing fishy about it. I've got three finals on Monday, so I'm going to be powerstudying all weekend long.

study for (something)

To learn or memorize information in order to prepare for some upcoming quiz, test, examination, etc. I didn't study for my driving test because I figured it would all be intuitive. Needless to say, I don't have my driver's license yet. A: "Do you want to come to the party with us tonight?" B: "Sorry, I'm busy studying for my physics exam."
See also: study

study up on (someone or something)

To learn a lot of information about someone or something, especially in a short span of time. I want to study up on Tokyo before we travel there this summer. I always make sure to study up on any potential candidates before inviting them to an interview.
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n. to study hard. I’ve got to powerstudy for the exam. I haven’t cracked a book all semester.