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To study (something) very intensely, especially within a short period of time. My wife specializes in corporate law, so she powerstudies every End User License Agreement we ever have to sign to make sure there's nothing fishy about it. I've got three finals on Monday, so I'm going to be powerstudying all weekend long.

study for (something)

To learn or memorize information in order to prepare for some upcoming quiz, test, examination, etc. I didn't study for my driving test because I figured it would all be intuitive. Needless to say, I don't have my driver's license yet. A: "Do you want to come to the party with us tonight?" B: "Sorry, I'm busy studying for my physics exam."
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study up on (someone or something)

To learn a lot of information about someone or something, especially in a short span of time. I want to study up on Tokyo before we travel there this summer. I always make sure to study up on any potential candidates before inviting them to an interview.
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n. to study hard. I’ve got to powerstudy for the exam. I haven’t cracked a book all semester.
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Christopher has studied saxophone for seven years and piano for ten years.
Weiss, Olin, Rollin, fisher, and Bepler (1967) studied 35 males and eight females with coronary occlusions.
In addition, consistent with the findings from the previously studied high school sample that time spent on homework is positively related to students' attitudes toward homework and their homework management strategies (Xu, 2005), the results from the present study suggest that time spent on homework is positively related to homework attitudes and homework management at the middle school as well.
A well-formulated question for a LIS topic would likely include a description of who was involved (for example, library users, undergraduates, other libraries or librarians), what was being studied (for example, bibliotherapy for bullying, mother-toddler story programs, online instruction for health literacy), the outcomes in which one is interested (for example, increased use of the collection, higher computer literacy), and what studies or data to collect and combine (for example, surveys done by public libraries in cities of similar size to yours, evaluations of online training versus tutorials to increase use of your catalog, randomized controlled trials of giving books to young mothers at well-baby visits).
By the early 1990s, it was clear that IL-2, when used intermittently and in conjunction with anti-HIV therapy, had the most pronounced impact on increasing CD4 T cell counts of any therapy ever studied for the treatment of HIV disease.
He has studied music composition and piano with Suzanne Wong-Abe for eight years.
(This calculation is approximate, because in the actual study weighting factors were used to make the sample of patients studied be more representative of the U.S.
The mural must have a title and relate directly to the social studies unit presently being studied.
"Kavatrol relieved this kind of stress within a week and continued to work during the four weeks we studied it in 29 people who were suffering more than an average amount of stress," says Singh, who became familiar with kava in his native Fiji.
Previous research may have failed to establish a link between the ACE variation and high blood pressure because too few people were studied, O'Donnell says.
The first selected-response question asked students if they studied differently for this course than for their other courses.
These centers have also studied exposures to other environmental toxicants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and environmental tobacco smoke.
7) Each library studied in CBA I yielded a good annual return on invested capital.
On the other hand, a group of researchers from France studied thymic output in patients experiencing virologic rebound (Abstract 453).
So, like other researchers before them, Connors' team simply studied the data on each patient's progress after a physician had decided to use or not to use a right-heart catheter.