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all students take calculus

A mnemonic that indicates the sign values of the three common trigonometric functions (sine, tangent, and cosine) in each quadrant of a plane. (They are "all" positive in the first quadrant.) Hey, just remember that "all students take calculus." It'll help you on your trig test.
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professional student

1. Someone in the process of earning a "professional degree"—one in a field like medicine, law, or education, for instance. We have a stellar group of professional students joining our program this year.
2. slang One who continues to pursue education instead of employment. I'm starting to worry that my son just wants to be a professional student forever and will never get a job.
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The instrument used in this study is the modified version of Guneri, Aydin and Skovholt's (2003) version of the Student Needs Assessment Survey (SNAS) employed in their study among a large university in Turkey.
This is not surprising going by the fact that majority of students in Nigerian tertiary institutions these days spend the greatest portion of their time in extra-curricular activities, such as, student politics, campus occult activities, and several small-scale entrepreneurships--profit making enterprises, including using motor bikes to pick passengers.
The student movement failed in Iran for a handful of reasons.
Nearly ten years younger than Siamak, Bijan spent the five years prior to Khatami's election attending small meetings at Tehran University with former student activists who orchestrated the takeover of the U.S.
Monitor, accurately report and push for reduced dropout rates by gathering accurate data for key student groups like ethnic and racial groups, establishing benchmarks in each state, and adopting standardized reporting developed by the National Governors Association.
It uses a number for each student, tracking progress on various achievement outcomes and following them wherever they move or graduate.
Student-Led Conferences at the Middle Level: Promoting Student Responsibility.
Effects of teacher and student goal setting and evaluations on mathematics achievement and student attitudes.
While standards, competencies, and student outcomes are all clearly outlined for academic, personal/social, and career domains in the ASCA National Model, counselors are charged with finding programs that have been proven effective to help students attain these outcomes.
The name gives the student a label to use to apply and then apply again.
Committees amended the bill into a codification of student privacy rights, and Steinbach got a crack at it before FERPA moved on to the Senate.
Solicit faculty and student volunteers: An event requires 8-10 students for about an hour each to convert classrooms to and from scenes.
Even if the material were on the appropriate level, a student with auditory deficits would have no chance to succeed if the oral directions and instruction were not clear to him.
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