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stud muffin

A physically attractive young man. Did you see Jane's new boyfriend? He's such a stud muffin that I was practically swooning over him myself!
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1. n. a male horse used for breeding purposes. (Not slang.) Last spring, we rented out all our studs and made some money.
2. n. a human male viewed as very successful with women. (Parallel to sense 1) Fred thinks he is a real stud.


n. a really good-looking guy; a stud. Who’s the stud-muffin with Sally?

at stud

Available or offered for breeding. Used of animals.
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According to the PEMCO Insurance Northwest Poll, 79 percent of drivers who use studded tires in Washington and Oregon say they would be at least somewhat likely to reduce using studs in favor of preserving the quality of Northwest roads.
Just 17 percent of drivers west of the mountains say they always or usually install studded tires, and even east of the Cascades, where snowy conditions are common, 38 percent of drivers regularly use studs.
Fun Bumps not only take pleasure to the next level with a studded condom experience like no other, but the touch of mint flavoring adds an additional sensation to this latest offering in our condom collection.
Members of the public who testified on the bills were largely supportive of the concept, noting that studded tires, whose use is allowed only in winter in Oregon, cause $40 million or more in damage to the state's roads every year.
Short of an outright ban on studded tires, drivers who want to use them should pay for the damage they cause, said Peter Dinsdale, a Salem resident.
BAG this black studded shopper, PS39, at Dorothy Perkins.
MIX your trends with this Reverse studded leopard print cardigan, PS48, Republic.
LIVEN up a little black dress with these studded metal bangles pounds 10 from Freedom at Topshop.
These studded heel platform shoes cost just pounds 15 from Primark.
03 GET the look of girl band The Saturdays with a studded boobtube dress, designed by Una for Rare and available in grey, black and navy.
There is a new generation of kinder, gentler studded tires out there.
The "Studded Paul" KISS Kondom features a studded latex condom and images of Paul Stanley on the box and wrapper and is being launched in concert with the second issue of the highly popular "Gene Simmons Tongue" Magazine at a launch party in Los Angeles at Barfly on Sunset Blvd.
Everyone agrees that studded tires damage the state's roads.
Purple velour coat, pounds 85, black faux leather trousers, pounds 45, studded slouch bag, pounds 40, and leather gloves, pounds 28, all Wallis
Daffodils are blooming, frogs are croaking, cats are in heat - and still, some drivers in Western Oregon persist in keeping studded tires on their cars and trucks.