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stud muffin

A physically attractive young man. Did you see Jane's new boyfriend? He's such a stud muffin that I was practically swooning over him myself!
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1. n. a male horse used for breeding purposes. (Not slang.) Last spring, we rented out all our studs and made some money.
2. n. a human male viewed as very successful with women. (Parallel to sense 1) Fred thinks he is a real stud.


n. a really good-looking guy; a stud. Who’s the stud-muffin with Sally?

at stud

Available or offered for breeding. Used of animals.
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Stud employee award Mick Conroy (stud groom/head lad at Eyrefield House Stud, County Kildare); Nuala Healy (manager at Ballincurrig House Stud, County Cork); Mick Ryan (head stud groom/yard manager at Derrinstown Stud, County Kildare).
Removing the studs was not only a difficult process, but also proved to be very lengthy as it required a lot of manpower.
In her job at Dunraven Stud, where she also lives, Jess is involved in the entire breeding process from getting the mare into foal, monitoring pregnant mares at night via CCTV cameras to check when they go into labour and assisting with the birth.
8 mm diameter were experimentally investigated and availability of the current design provisions for stud shear connectors was verified based on the test results (Badie et al.
ADD SOME EDGE: Rock this look, as modelled by Billie Whitehead, 19, of Norton, with Topshop jacket, PS65, blouse, PS36, denim shorts, PS35, bag, PS48, stud pumps, PS28, and bangle, PS10; and Miss Selfridge leggings, PS14, all at Outfit
He invited farmers to register stud bulls for the Summer Sale and to make sure they attend the auction in order to invest in good genetic material.
Also, when unscrewing a sensor from a screw-stud you might be unscrewing the stud as well", comments Monitran's Operations Director, Andy Anthony.
A standard section of plasterboard is 1200mm wide so you will need a stud at the start, middle and end.
She creates jackets, shorts and a ripped T-shirt line that each signify a part of the stud journey to self-love and wholeness.
Mechanics need help removing broken bolts and studs.
Though our football team spends 80% of its time in our base 4-3 front, we will switch to our 5-3 Stud Defense whenever we begin to see a fullhouse backfield, a lot of running, or two tight ends.
What makes Stud stand out from the countless recent interdisciplinary volumes that take it upon themselves to de-essentialize gender in 12 essays or less?
The Carpenter's Steel Stud was designed to let carpenters continue framing the way they're used to.
Stud heads can either be plain or perforated and stems can be plain or grooved.
com/research/e0f02d/2009_plimsoll_anal) has announced the addition of the "2009 Plimsoll Analysis - Stud Farms - A comprehensive profile of 76 companies operating in the UK market" report to their offering.