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stud muffin

A physically attractive young man. Did you see Jane's new boyfriend? He's such a stud muffin that I was practically swooning over him myself!
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1. n. a male horse used for breeding purposes. (Not slang.) Last spring, we rented out all our studs and made some money.
2. n. a human male viewed as very successful with women. (Parallel to sense 1) Fred thinks he is a real stud.


n. a really good-looking guy; a stud. Who’s the stud-muffin with Sally?

at stud

Available or offered for breeding. Used of animals.
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One of the sheets will be slid all the way to the back of an inside corner (see "Leave the Last Stud Loose at Inside Corners" on p.
Clean the studs with soap and water and allow them to dry completely.
This play has the QB attacking the Stud on a keep or pitch option.
The other top section A prices were 500gns paid by Jeremy Davis of the Parvadean Stud, Gloucester for Evan Lloyd Evans' yearling filly Criccieth Demelza and 440gns paid by Sandra Seward of the Windwillow Stud, Carmarthen for Cathedine Stud's nine-yearold stallion Dyfed Flying Wild.
WPT 7 Card Stud brings many unique and revolutionary features to the table, including:
Fortt carries out all aspects of work at the stud, including office administration, stallion handling, foaling throughout the season, breaking in, updating owners, and even sends videos to owners of their new foals.
The studs press into the boot on flexible plates,absorbingenergy and reducing pressure on the foot at that point, New Scientist magazine reported.
CenterVision[R] technology, the latest leap in stud finding technology was introduced by Zircon in 2004.
Option 2: For minor inward bows, simply knock the stud out and replace it or turn it around and plane off the bow.
Double nut the engine shutoff solenoid actuation stud to the lever to prevent it from vibrating loose.
Lop/Fancy/Fur/Rex Adult 1 Lark Stud (Bradford), 2 A Fletcher (Mansfield), 3 Cheeky Girls (Sheffield).
Along with NASA engineers, the SRI team is analyzing timing variations and the effects on nut failure and stud release behavior.
Osborne, managing director of Darley's Kildangan Stud, was elected following the ITBA's agm on Monday.
After installing the bolt-together wheels, we've found that there are zero stud threads showing past the lug nuts after correct torque is applied.