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When Mo and Sacha are joking about Brangelina style nick-names for the hospital's couples, it's apt that Sacha and Chrissie get stuck with something that sounds like Crasher.
When you're stuck with something, one tendency is to make peace with it and try to see it in as much of a positive light as you can," says Kristin Laurin, who cowrote the study with Steven Shepherd and Aaron C.
When I was stuck with something, I'd use Alix as a sounding board and her help was invaluable.
Get a firm insurance quote BEFORE you buy a car - otherwise you might be stuck with something that attracts a premium which is prohibitively expensive.
If their software cannot be easily customized, customers will be stuck with something that becomes more inadequate over time.
But once the paint wears off, you might be stuck with something very ugly indeed.