stuck with (someone or something)

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stuck with (someone or something)

Forced to tolerate, deal with, or manage someone or something. The executives want this in the final product no matter what, so it looks like we're stuck with it. Once you have kids with someone, you're pretty much stuck with that person for the rest of your life, even if you don't stay in a relationship.
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stuck with someone or something

burdened with someone or something; left having to care for or deal with someone or something. Please don't leave me stuck with your aunt. She talks too much. My roommate quit school and left me stuck with the telephone bill.
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stuck with

Saddled or burdened with; also, unable to get rid of. For example, Once again Dean was stuck with the check for all of the dinner guests, or She's my sister-in-law so I'm stuck with her. [Mid-1800s]
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figure By SIMON MBURU Have you ever been stuck with someone you no longer wanted to date or be romantically involved with?
Worse, because some programs or agencies insist on formal mentoring programs, you may be stuck with someone you would never gravitate to on your own.
You'll be stuck with someone else's choice of colour and trim and you may not be able to find the engine option you really want.
"To save embarrassment I thought I'd better see if I could back out of it so they weren't stuck with someone they'd hate.
Even level of popularity at work seemed to impact views on teamwork, with less popular employees hating the idea of getting stuck with someone else's workload, of being held up by their team (50% feel that they could work much faster on their own), and having to depend on others.
They wake up to the fact they're stuck with someone who's too incapable or too inflexible to change their mindset once the game changes.
Or do they really think any woman wants to get stuck with someone who can keep a huff up this long?
Lesleyanne Parry, 39, operations manager, Washington: It's about time the bosses at St James's stuck with someone for more than six months or a year.
The FA would be stuck with someone tainted by failures of the previous regime.
If you get stuck with someone, then don't feel guilty about moving on but never leave anyone on their own.
I wouldn't want to be stuck with someone I fancied because I'd be intimidated and shy and would blush a lot.
Sarah's advice is if you get stuck with someone really boring, make an effort, but don't feel bad about making excuses after five minutes.
He insists, for instance, that he has never had any desire to be champion trainer, that he trains only for his own pleasure and that he'd "rather train a bad horse for someone I like than a good horse for someone I don't like because in a couple of years the good horse will be gone and I'm stuck with someone I can't stand!" One particular story he tells of a Yuletide visit to an owner's property speaks volumes.
"The worst thing is when I'm coming back from London on the train and I'm stuck with someone telling me about their awful bathroom for two hours.