stuck on, be

be stuck on (someone)

To be very smitten with someone. Oh, he's been stuck on you for years—of course he'll be your date to the dance!
See also: on, stuck

be stuck on (something)

1. To be unable to make progress past a certain point or level due to something that one is confused by, unable to do, etc. I'm stuck on this part of the instructions—can you explain it to me again? Don't waste valuable time if you're stuck on any single question—just skip it and move on.
2. To be fixated or focused on something, such as an idea, feeling, or belief. A: "Why is Adam mad at you?" B: "I think he's stuck on the fact that I made the track team and he didn't." Upper management is totally stuck on the notion that we need some complicated web application to launch alongside the product. Everyone on the dev team thinks it's a huge waste of time and energy, but they won't budge.
See also: on, stuck
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stuck on, be

Be very fond of, as in She's been stuck on him ever since first grade. [Slang; late 1800s]
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