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5 : to put in a specified place or position <I stuck a cap on my head.
7 : to halt the movement or action of <The car was stuck in traffic.
It's not that there is something wrong with us, or that we're incapable of letting go--it's just that we are stuck in a particular way of receiving the information about what happened.
I got stuck in soft dirt and was surrounded by trees,'' said the dehydrated man, whose legs were covered with scrapes from his night hikes in search of help.
Thousands of pounds burned up there over the years,'' said Stuck.
Being stuck on the Interstate 10 is like being eaten by a giant anaconda.
Alexander Betaivaz's body was found about one-third of a mile from his Toyota Corolla, which was discovered stuck in sand along a narrow path through the sagebrush several miles past the western end of Rosamond Boulevard.
The spokesman denied an activist group's allegation that ``persistent leaking left the huge machine stuck in an underground mountain of mud.
Stuck in the ooze, the female mastodon raised her tusks to the sky, making one final effort to break free of the sticky tar that dragged her down.