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Stuck's mother suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and used crutches for most of her daughter's life.
She ironed beautifully, wrote beautifully," Stuck said.
The copilot was able to egress only after pulling his head out of the stuck helmet, and he then helped the helicopter commander out of the cockpit.
We hit the discount store, picked up a couple two-packs at $2.50 a pop and stuck them to the wall with double-backed adhesive squares.
"We're not sure exactly what is going on," says Cooper, but he suggests that TGF-beta releases the stuck cancer cells to "sneak out into bone, where they then dig in."
When you're having trouble accepting or letting go of something, it is often because you're "stuck" in one way of perceiving the situation.
The treated cavities started with a very low level of o-rings stuck, with an eventual trend of increasing numbers after 11-12 cycles, but still lower than the untreated cavities.
Whitesides and Prime observed that the five proteins they studied stuck poorly to films containing lots of polyethylene glycol.
Within that range, however, the objects almost always stuck together.