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stub one's toe against something

 and stub one's toe on something
to ram one's toe accidentally against some hard object. Don't stub your toe against that brick in the path. Claire stubbed her toe against one of the legs of the sofa. I stubbed my toe on the bottom step.
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stub something out

to put out something, such as a cigarette or cigar, by crushing the burning end against a hard object. Max stubbed his cigar out and tossed it into the street. He stubbed out his cigar.
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stub out

To extinguish some cigarette, cigar, or similar smoking material by stamping the burning end against a surface: There were no ashtrays around, so I stubbed out the cigarette on the heel of my shoe. If you had told me the smoke from my cigar was bothering you, I would have stubbed it out.
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Lionsgate shared this special film with us a while ago, and we agreed the story was one worthy of providing to our AMC Stubs members as an incremental benefit," said Sun Dee Larson, Vice President, Film Marketing and Communications at AMC.
Of course, Ambassador tickets, season tickets or complimentary ticket stubs will not qualify.
When we looked at it we thought we had a better idea, which we call a stub station.
Which is why John has contacted Blackburn Rovers to inquire whether anyone has a spare stub from the 2-1 defeat to Brighton on September 29, 1990.
12-oz coffee can * 1 can opener * 2 plastic, 12-oz coffee can lids * marker * 22 pennies * clear tape * 2 size-32 rubber bands * 2 pencil stubs, each 8 centimeters (3 inches) long
The new accountant has suggested that the company would save a lot of staff time and money if we switched from paper to electronic pay stubs that employees would be able to access on the company's computer network.
The club is allowing Liverpool and Everton fans to use their season ticket stubs at the turnstiles as proof of their support for the Prenton-based team, whop lay at 3pm.
Some memorabilia you could include are notes you've passed in class, postcards she's sent you from family vacations, programs from school plays you were both in, school newspaper clippings, CD covers, party invites, ticket stubs (from concerts, movies, plays, sporting events or theme parks you've gone to together) and, of course, photos--anything that represents the fun you two have had.
If he alone had to track down all of the paperwork--tax returns, pay stubs, mortgage information, etc.
If it is postponed after entry but before kick-off, fans can attend the re-arranged game with their ticket stubs.
The traditional concept of ticket stubs will come into operation but fans who have attended less attractive games will have more chance of landing a final ticket.
Season ticket holders have until close of business on Thursday to claim their usual seats while supporters holding one ticket stub from any home game prior to Saturday's win over Wimbledon can buy one ticket per stub, with each person submitting a maximum of two stubs.
Laminated timber beams which bear onto the stubs had of course to be to some extent structurally redundant to allow their supports to be located in unpredicted places on the grid.
Dallas, has led to the adoption of a new method of marking service stubs.