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be (as) stubborn as a mule

To be very devoted to a particular opinion or course of action, especially when faced with opposition. My toddler is as stubborn as a mule and has a tantrum every night at bedtime because he doesn't want to stop playing. You'll never get Rich to change his opinion—he's stubborn as a mule.
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*stubborn as a mule

 and *obstinate as a mule
Cliché very stubborn. (*Also: as ~.) I tried to convince Jake to go to the doctor, but he's as stubborn as a mule. For four years, Henry pestered his parents to let him learn the trumpet. They tried to talk him into some other, quieter instrument, but he was stubborn as a mule, and now he has a trumpet.
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stubborn as a mule

Extremely obstinate, as in He's stubborn as a mule about wearing a suit and tie. This simile evokes the proverbial stubbornness of mules, whose use as draft animals was once so common that the reputation for obstinacy can hardly be as warranted as the term indicates. [Early 1800s]
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stubborn as a mule

If someone is as stubborn as a mule, they are determined to do what they want and very unwilling to change their mind. For all his pleasant manner, the Texan was stubborn as a mule, and he didn't like being pushed. Old Greg is also stubborn as a mule. He won't say anything — he'll just carry on doing what he planned. Note: This expression is usually used to show disapproval.
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stubborn as a mule

extremely stubborn. informal
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(as) ˌstubborn as a ˈmule

(often disapproving) very determined not to change your opinion or attitude; obstinate: If you tell her what to do, she won’t do it because she’s as stubborn as a mule. Why not just suggest it to her?
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With 30 percent more solvents and 20 percent more surfactants, stubborn stains are lifted off all surfaces, from fabric to concrete.
The visitors offered stubborn resistance as former Burton player Guy Branston marshalled defensive affairs.
The government's stubborn behaviour will do it no good.
But while their stubborn approach may leave Pardew facing an anxious wait - his players are already back in training with only Romain Amalfitano and Gael Bigirimana added to the squad - he can at least comfort himself with the knowledge that they will be equally firm on their valuations of men he would dearly like to retain.
The Ministry said in a statement issued Friday that the Russian Stroytransgaz Company in Homs came under gun fires by terrorists on Wednesday night, and this underlines that the stubborn Syrian opposition goes on the way of using terrorist means against civilians, organizations, including the foreign companies that work to guarantee a normal life in the country.
Maybe people feel I am stubborn, but I am not, I just want to do the best for the team and buy the right players," the Gunners boss said.
Clinique Take The Day Offpounds 14 This really does tackle the most stubborn of long-lasters.
The poetry oeuvre of Dennis Vincent Brutus (1924-2009) Yet somewhere lingers the stubborn hope thus to endure can be a kind of fight, preserve some value, assert some faith and even have a kind of worth.
DualSculpting freezes twice the fat in half the time, sculpting the abdomen, "love handles", thighs, arms and other body areas with stubborn, unwanted fat.
A league campaign of poor performances and results, topped with a stubborn manager who refused to budge on his style of play.
A virtual slave who barely spoke any English, a stubborn Catholic in a city of stubborn Puritans, Goody Glover stood accused of casting spells on four of her employer's six children after one of them, thirteen-year-old Martha Goodwin, claimed to have caught Glover's daughter stealing laundry.
Danny Williams soothes a stubborn joint injury with the help of FLEXISEQ WHAT IS IT?
But Del Bosque said: "In some things we are very flexible and in others stubborn, and in this we are stubborn.
You know, I told you in Washington that the Taliban are very stubborn and very uncooperative people," Sharif told Clinton, according to the document.