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stub (one's) toe

To forcefully and accidentally jam a single toe against a hard surface or object. I couldn't walk for nearly ten minutes after stubbing my big toe. We're always stubbing our toes on this darn coffee table!
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stub (something) out

To extinguish a lit object, especially a cigar or cigarette, but crushing the lit end against a hard surface. He stubbed out the cigarette and got up to leave. I'm so sorry, I didn't realize the smoke was bothering you. Let me stub it out.
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stub one's toe against something

 and stub one's toe on something
to ram one's toe accidentally against some hard object. Don't stub your toe against that brick in the path. Claire stubbed her toe against one of the legs of the sofa. I stubbed my toe on the bottom step.
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stub something out

to put out something, such as a cigarette or cigar, by crushing the burning end against a hard object. Max stubbed his cigar out and tossed it into the street. He stubbed out his cigar.
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stub out

To extinguish some cigarette, cigar, or similar smoking material by stamping the burning end against a surface: There were no ashtrays around, so I stubbed out the cigarette on the heel of my shoe. If you had told me the smoke from my cigar was bothering you, I would have stubbed it out.
See also: out, stub
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Stubbing, who left in 1981, wasn't the only one at the office to question the sense of these name-that-number exercises.
Had Gillis been quizzing IRS executives the way Stubbing quizzed admirals and defense contractors, chances are she would have picked up on the difference between the agency's real needs and its old games.
His mission in life was to cut us off, and he did," Stubbing says.
The add-in retrieves the attachment and places it inline, ensuring that email messages and attachments appear as they would prior to Exchange stubbing and that the end user never has to leave the email client to retrieve the email attachment.
With Exchange stubbing, administrators can also realize the benefits of efficient storage management and compliance satisfaction, without disrupting the ease of access that the end user expects when looking for an email or it's attachment," added Pao.
0 with Smart Stubbing, organizations can manage their information growth better, automatically delete redundant and duplicated data, automatically archive unused files to cheaper storage, shrink backup times, retain all relevant information on the most cost effective storage platform, extend the life of existing storage devices, reduce storage and administration costs through centralized management, and instantly access archived information for restoring accidentally deleted files.