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stub one's toe against something

 and stub one's toe on something
to ram one's toe accidentally against some hard object. Don't stub your toe against that brick in the path. Claire stubbed her toe against one of the legs of the sofa. I stubbed my toe on the bottom step.
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stub something out

to put out something, such as a cigarette or cigar, by crushing the burning end against a hard object. Max stubbed his cigar out and tossed it into the street. He stubbed out his cigar.
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stub out

To extinguish some cigarette, cigar, or similar smoking material by stamping the burning end against a surface: There were no ashtrays around, so I stubbed out the cigarette on the heel of my shoe. If you had told me the smoke from my cigar was bothering you, I would have stubbed it out.
See also: out, stub
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His mission in life was to cut us off, and he did," Stubbing says.
Stockman, who in early 1981 had deferred to Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger on defense spending, later tried to fight him--mobilizing Stubbing & Co.
Exchange stubbing is available with firmware version 2.
The Barracuda Message Archiver also features Exchange stubbing for server bandwidth optimization and includes an email client add-in for seamless end user access to email attachments.
To help acquaint GroupWise customers with stubbing functionality, GWAVA is offering a free Stubbing Edition of Retain.
7 and to download the free stubbing edition, go to http://www.
Stubbing allows an email to appear in a user's inbox while the actual email content is stored on another database outside their email server.
Novell plans to offer a stubbing API and support third-party solutions as part of the next version of GroupWise (8.