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strut around

to stride around pompously. Stop strutting around in your new jeans and get to work! Tex was strutting around, showing off his new boots.
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strut in (to some place)

to stride pompously into a place. He strutted into the house as if he owned the place. Betty strutted in and sat down.
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strut one's stuff

Sl. to walk proudly and show off one's best features or talents. Get out there on that stage and strut your stuff! I'm going to strut my stuff and become a star.
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strut out of

some place to stride pompously or showily out of some place. The clowns strutted out of the tent and joined the parade through the big top. Tex strutted out of the saloon and got on his horse.
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strut one's stuff

Behave or perform in an ostentatious manner, show off, as in The skaters were out, strutting their stuff. This expression uses strut in the sense of "display in order to impress others." [Slang; first half of 1900s]
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strut your stuff

COMMON If you strut your stuff, you do something which you know you are good at in a proud and confident way in order to impress other people. He was the type of guy who liked to show off and strut his stuff. This weekend, in parades across the nation, Irish Americans are strutting their stuff.
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strut your stuff

dance or behave in a lively, confident way. informal
1998 Country Life London is a place to hide in, to get lost in; New York is a stage on which to strut your stuff.
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ˌstrut your ˈstuff

(informal) proudly show your ability, especially at dancing or performing: I saw you at the club last night, strutting your stuff on the dance floor!
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strut out

To display something in order to impress others: Don't strut out your resume until you have more accomplishments to list. I couldn't wait to put on my new suit and strut it out at work.
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strut one’s stuff

tv. to walk proudly and show off one’s best features or talents. Get out there on that stage and strut your stuff!
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strut (one's) stuff

To behave or perform in an ostentatious manner; show off.
See also: strut, stuff
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First, there was nothing significant about the strut allograft donor history to suggest that the allograft bone was compromised due to a pre-existing disease process.
If it was applied on struts with existing damage, we would only be covering up issues.
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Shocks and struts should normally wear out over time, although there are several factors that affect how much wear is occurring.
Just as the orange glow of sun spread across the cornfields, Strut heard a faint sound.
At 176mm from the inlet (station 4) the growth of the boundary layer is affected by the strut wakes is seen in all angles of struts.
Males perform a ritualized strut display in which they take a few steps forward and brush their wings twice against their esophageal pouch producing loud swishing noises (Fig.
Lynn Faulds Wood said: "With Strut Your Strip we hope to raise funds for a faster diagnosis project which could have saved Bobby Moore's life and saved me five years of wondering whether I would see my small son grow up.
The strut systems are part of the Government's multi-million-pound investment to provide Britain's fire and rescue service with the latest urban search and rescue equipment.
Each strut consists of two DNA stretches joined "like two ribbons wrapping around each other," says Joyce.
But yesterday's report said evidence from the wreckage and film and video analysis of the crash left no doubt that the cause was fatigue failure of a wishbone strut.
Strut Fan Cowl Support Beam for the Boeing 737 Hitchcock Industries, Inc.
An analytical expression is developed by combining concepts from microcellular solids with plastic hinge formation and strut yielding to approximate the deformational response of th ese elastomers.
PROVIDE FAST ASSEMBLY of back-to-back half-slot struts for new or retrofit applications with the CADDYSTS strut clamp.