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Persistently anxious and easily startled or upset. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I've never met anyone so highly-strung. She gasps every time the phone rings.


Persistently anxious and easily startled or upset. Primarily heard in US. I've never met anyone so high-strung. She gasps every time the phone rings.

string something out

1. Lit. to unwind, stretch, or straighten something, such as wire, and extend it. The workers strung the wires out before installing them. They strung out the wires first.
2. Fig. to cause something to take more time than it ought to. Is there any good reason to string this meeting out any longer? Don't string out the meetings so long.
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strung out

1. extended in time; overly long. Why was that lecture so strung out? She talked and talked. It was strung out because there was very little to be said.
2. Sl. doped or drugged. Bob acted very strangelyas if he were strung out or something. I've never seen Bob or any of his friends strung out.
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string out

1. Stretch, extend; also, prolong. For example, The parade strung out for miles, or The meetings strung out over weeks instead of days. [First half of 1800s]
2. strung out. Addicted to, stupefied by, or debilitated by drug use, as in She was completely strung out when they found her. [Second half of 1900s]
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string out

1. To make something longer than usual or necessary; prolong something: The prosecution strung out the trial hoping to get the time to gather more evidence. We've already said everything that needs to be said in this conversation, so why do you keep trying to string it out?
2. To spread out in a line. Used in the passive: From the plane, we could see small villages that were strung out along the coast.
3. Slang To become intoxicated, especially with an addictive opiate or stimulant. Used in the passive: He was so strung out that he couldn't talk. People started to suspect that the athlete was strung out on coke or booze, or both.
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strung out

1. and strung (up) mod. drug intoxicated and bewildered. (Drugs.) Marlon is really strung out lately. What’s he shooting now?
2. mod. badly addicted to heroin; dissipated by heroin. (Drugs.) Clare is strung out and can’t deny her problem any longer.
3. mod. depressed; nervous. I’m a little strung out—because of the accident, I guess.
4. mod. in love and disoriented. Sam is strung out over Mary.
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strung (up)

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strung-out shape

n. a tired and exhausted condition. They were sort of in strung-out shape, tired and ready for the sack.
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References in classic literature ?
Robin Hood strung his bow and took his place with never a word, albeit his heartstrings quivered with anger and loathing.
Little John put the tip of his bow to his instep, and strung the weapon so deftly that all wondered to see an old man so strong.
While they were doing this Robin Hood strung both his bow and that of Guy of Gisbourne, albeit none of them took notice of his doing so.
If your string is brand new, you may want to heat it with a hair dryer for a few minutes or leave it strung overnight.
Marines in the area had shared some special knowledge with the soldiers, telling them how to detect the nearly invisible trip wires strung across the rooms of buildings by the unseen enemy.
The Marines discovered that if they shot a stream of Silly String into a room before entering, it would get hung up on any trip wires strung across the room, alerting them to danger.
Starlings trained in a lab have learned to distinguish between sounds strung together like a laundry list and those with nested, or recursive, elements, according to Timothy Q.
Taking a different tack in Christmas decorating, Hank and Joani Waring strung more than 1,000 silvery, glittery compact discs around their home.
To do the center serving, put the string on the bow, and draw the bow a few times and, if possible, leave it strung for a couple of hours to get some of the stretch out of the string.