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strum on (something)

1. To play a stringed instrument by brushing or stroking the strings. A few of us were strumming on our guitars as we sat around the camp fire. It was such a classy wedding. They even hired someone to strum on a harp while the guests were being seated.
2. To play something, such as a chord or song, on a stringed instrument by brushing or stroking the strings. I never got past strumming a couple basic chords on the guitar. Anything more advanced than that was just too difficult for me. He loves strumming lighthearted melodies on his banjo.
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strum something on something

to brush or play with the fingers some stringed instrument, such as a guitar. She strummed a nice little melody on her guitar. He strummed the accompaniment on the guitar.
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The melee offered workshops on strumming techniques, songwriting, a special performance by Melissa Graham's fifth-grade ukulele class from the Hamilton-Wenham Elementary School, strum-alongs, professional player Victoria Vox, an impromptu gathering of ukulele makers who showed each other instruments they put together from kits or from plans, and hula instruction by Atsuko Nemoto of Acton.
Strumming away: Pupils at Rood End Primary get tips on how to play their new ukeleles.
In both pairs, after several separate bouts of rocking by the male (12 in one pair and 17 in the other), the female moved out of the tunnel, ceased strumming the sheet, and allowed the male to approach her.
In the three-minute clip, the Babyshambles singer is seen strumming a guitar for the camera.
Scientists in Australia have developed a high-tech T-shirt that turns the strumming of an air guitar into music.
If Blair had studied a bit of history while at public school instead of strumming his guitar and grinning, he would never have mounted his white charger and led our troops (from behind) against all international law in Iraq.
I nodded gamely, depressed the damper pedal, reached inside the piano and started strumming. Those 20 minutes became the most fun I've ever had onstage!
Plucking, strumming, or bowing a normal guitar string creates mathematically related sounds called harmonic overtones.
Penned by Ian and stripped down to only the simple strumming of the guitar and Ian's raw vocals, Smoke Rings is a melancholic folksy tune, which refers to absent friends.
Then there's Shania's wistful ode to enduring love, "You're Still the One," which I vividly recall her strumming on VH1's first Divas Live extravaganza, proving to Mariah Carey--and the world--that you don't need gargantuan hair extensions to win over the White Party crowd.
It will take more than a few pictures of guitar strumming, watching football matches and open question times with assorted audiences to improve his image.
The soft strumming of an autoharp played by Richard Scholtz, and the lilting, melodic voice of Margaret MacDonald combine to provide an engaging media for storytelling.
Joshua Humphreys rejected any social contact and physical affection from his parents until Joe D'Urso started strumming his guitar at the youngster's North Wales home.