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strum on (something)

1. To play a stringed instrument by brushing or stroking the strings. A few of us were strumming on our guitars as we sat around the camp fire. It was such a classy wedding. They even hired someone to strum on a harp while the guests were being seated.
2. To play something, such as a chord or song, on a stringed instrument by brushing or stroking the strings. I never got past strumming a couple basic chords on the guitar. Anything more advanced than that was just too difficult for me. He loves strumming lighthearted melodies on his banjo.
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strum something on something

to brush or play with the fingers some stringed instrument, such as a guitar. She strummed a nice little melody on her guitar. He strummed the accompaniment on the guitar.
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Strummer's originality is a trait characterizing both the man and the musician.
Strummer, 8, New York, likes reading, writing, playing bass, and eating peanut butter.
Graham Anderson from organisers Jumpin' Hot Club, said: "We have always been inspired by people such as Joe Strummer who popularised the music we love, blues, reggae, ska and country music, his support for firefighters was never forgotten and he was given a guard of honour by firefighters at this funeral." The concert takes place on January 25 at 8pm.
Just before Strummer's death it was announced that the Clash would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Interviews with Sex Pistols member Glen Matlock, Gotham punk eminence grise Richard Hell and Strummer, among others, all testify here to Feelgood's direct influence on their subsequent music.
Strummer, 50, died of a heart attack at his farmhouse in Somerset four years ago.
Strummer, born John Mellor, died in December 2002, aged just 50, but a plaque has been unveiled at the flat in Newport marking his time there.
Strummer died of a heart attack aged 50 in December 2002.
One family member who miraculously survived was Strummer's maternal grandfather, a noted actor and director in Vienna's Golden Age of operetta, whose friends included such luminaries as Franz Lehar, Richard Tauber and Franz Schmidt; he even performed in world premieres of some works.
The Waco Brothers started as, and largely remain, a band meant to enliven a night of drinking and dancing at the corner tavern, though over the course of six albums--from 1995's To the Last Dead Cowboy to 2002's New Deal--they've developed a style that gleefully pairs the attitude of Joe Strummer with the sturdiness of George Jones.
"He's a culture hopper, he's a different kinda guy ..." So sings a campfire strummer from a theme-park Wild West town about the chameleonic protagonist of Swiss artist Olaf Breuning's appallingly entertaining new video Home, 2004.
FRIENDS and family toasted the late punk pioneer Joe Strummer -an icon for a generation -at the launch of his posthumous album.
I'm writing this on Monday morning, two hours after hearing word of the death of Joe Strummer and it's difficult to take in the news.
JOE Strummer has finally calmed down long enough to reschedule his Irish dates.
This week organisers announced that dedicated rehearsal space - Velvet Coalmine Studios will launch in the town thanks to funding from UK Music and the Joe Strummer Foundation.