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strum on (something)

1. To play a stringed instrument by brushing or stroking the strings. A few of us were strumming on our guitars as we sat around the camp fire. It was such a classy wedding. They even hired someone to strum on a harp while the guests were being seated.
2. To play something, such as a chord or song, on a stringed instrument by brushing or stroking the strings. I never got past strumming a couple basic chords on the guitar. Anything more advanced than that was just too difficult for me. He loves strumming lighthearted melodies on his banjo.
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strum something on something

to brush or play with the fingers some stringed instrument, such as a guitar. She strummed a nice little melody on her guitar. He strummed the accompaniment on the guitar.
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BIG TIME: Soul Circus have strummed their way to a coveted slot at the Leeds Festival
With its scratchy strings, "Progression" lopes along like a prehistoric cousin of Bauhaus's goth classic "Bela Lugosi's Dead"; wooden flute and strummed guitar illuminate "Invisible Ink" like beams of sunlight breaking through dense clouds.
Two dancers (Maya de Silva Chafe and Monica Herrera were summer replacements for La Meira and Laura Montes) are enveloped in the throaty chants of cantaor David Castellano and the strummed punctuation of guitarist Christian Puig.
I bet the producers of Fame Academy genuinely believe theirs is the better programme because they make a point of choosing monkeys who've limply strummed their way through dog-eared copies of the Westlife songbook.
So Joe then stopped strumming and played the chords and sang while Josh strummed. We were sat on the other side of the room with our tongues hanging out.'' Joshua has become more affectionate with his parents since the incident and ready to be cuddled.
A ROCK guitarist who has strummed with Sir Cliff Richard and Chris de Burgh will perform at a Coventry church.
When he first visited P-town almost 20 years ago, hippies still strummed guitars on street corners and drag queens chatted with Portuguese fishermen in front of rustic art galleries.
PRINCE Charles struck a chord with youngsters yesterday - when he strummed a guitar during his annual visit to Wales.
Cabello, one of the original members of Urban Tap, strummed a handmade string instrument resembling a fishing pole while strolling about the platform.
'But then I sat down, and I know this is going to sound a bit daft, I sat down and I said 'John Lennon, if you're there, send us a song' - and lo and behold I started to strum these chords that I'd never strummed before.
Paul Isola's Spanish-styled metallers have strummed up a storm with a set of self-penned anthems that owe as much to Metallica as their Moorish roots.