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strum on (something)

1. To play a stringed instrument by brushing or stroking the strings. A few of us were strumming on our guitars as we sat around the camp fire. It was such a classy wedding. They even hired someone to strum on a harp while the guests were being seated.
2. To play something, such as a chord or song, on a stringed instrument by brushing or stroking the strings. I never got past strumming a couple basic chords on the guitar. Anything more advanced than that was just too difficult for me. He loves strumming lighthearted melodies on his banjo.
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strum something on something

to brush or play with the fingers some stringed instrument, such as a guitar. She strummed a nice little melody on her guitar. He strummed the accompaniment on the guitar.
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Older males are more successful at attracting mates than are younger males who have lived in the group the same amount of time, Strum points out.
After more than three decades of amassing these documents, Van Strum worked with other activists and environmental groups to digitize them, increasing their accessibility and searchability.
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Count out loud while you strum. Practice slowly (page 20)." Some of the song titles include Aura Lee, Shortenin' Bread, Man of Constant Sorrow, Home on the Range, On Top of Old Smokey, and many more.
To strum, hit the freespool button and let out just enough line so you can grab it with your reeling hand just beyond the rod tip.
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Eleva-Strum School District is 4-3 square miles and includes two separate small towns, Eleva and Strum, in the rolling hills of central Wisconsin.
I like to play my guitar along Strum, strum, strum.