struggle along

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struggle along (with someone or something)

to make do as well as one can with someone or something. I really need someone who can work faster, but I'll struggle along with Walter. We struggled along the best we could.
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It added that in this context, the LTTE was conscious of the new circumstances and the need to take their freedom struggle along new pathways and new administrative structures of the movement have been reformulated.
If no one comes forward we may have to struggle along with a tape recorder or using different pianists.
Candida, whose three-year-old daughter was playing on the jetty, said once Osborne's boat had moored the family left the nanny to struggle along with the bulk of their luggage.
The Corkman added: "We don't want to just struggle along.
The further away these people are from law abiding citizens then the better as far as I am concerned, and if they have to struggle along in English then so be it.
Volunteer development worker, Davina Key said: "Many playgroups struggle along relying on donated materials, which are always welcome but not always that great.
It's a tragedy she needs it, but it's good to hear about a victim receiving strong and positive support, rather than being left to struggle along and to manage in her own way.
We have to struggle along on shoestring budgets while vast sums are poured into puerile sports like football.
Mr Birks said there was also chance the college might be closed, left to struggle along paying off its debts, or become part of a Government "education action zone" in the area.
The Prime Minister said that restoration of rights of people and democracy was greatly due to their struggle along with the Pakistan Peoples Party leadership and its workers.
Some parts of the play brought reflection of the personality of Quaid-e-Azam and his struggle along with other freedom fighters.
The Welsh side had been tipped pre-season to struggle along with fellow outpost clubs Gateshead and London Skolars, although a 40-20 success over Oldham at the weekend put paid to that theory somewhat.
Homs, Central Syria, (SANA)- October Liberation War, which was led by late leader Hafez al-Assad, established a vast and honorable Arab atmosphere of struggle along the Arab land, founded a strong basis for resistance against occupation and revived hope and self-confidence in the Arab world to liberate the occupied territories, Assistant Secretary General of al-Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party BASP Abdullah al-Ahmar said in a lecture on Thursday.
This will greatly improve the appearance of the area, and mean that pedestrians will no longer have to struggle along crowded pavements while hemmed in by a dual carriageway full of traffic.
Most of us would quite like to struggle along on a few million.