struggle along

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struggle along (with something)

To continue to cope or manage with one's current situation or condition, especially when it is difficult, inconvenient, or require strenuous effort. I haven't been enjoying college so far, but I've decided to struggle along for the rest of this year and see how I feel next summer. I just don't have the money for a new phone, so I've been struggling along with the same crappy flip-phone I had in high school.
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struggle along (with someone or something)

to make do as well as one can with someone or something. I really need someone who can work faster, but I'll struggle along with Walter. We struggled along the best we could.
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appear to struggle along without a general manager.
We struggle along, but the pleasure of just being able to have a place where people go to talk books gives me this huge satisfaction.
So they struggle along, never taking full advantage of either.
He told me, `You can't struggle along and become the best.
Most employees hate office politics, but they'll struggle along.
He reiterated the government's commitment to continue its struggle along with the Christian brethren for the rights of all minorities and deprived people and to establish a liberal and pluralistic society in the country.
He reiterated the commitment of the democratic government of Pakistan to continue its struggle along with the Christian brethren for the rights of all minorities and deprived people and "to establish a liberal and pluralistic society in the country where all minorities are equal citizens of the state and allowed to partake in its development on an equal footing.
Damascus, SANA-Vice President Najah al-Attar said Wednesday that the current conditions require solidarity and continuing struggle along with the Syrian Army to achieve security, peace and build what has been destroyed at the hands of Takfiri criminals.
Mrs Walsh a PE teacher, said: "It's going to be quite difficult as I struggle along but I will certainly be thinking of her so it will be quite motivational for me.
Many pounds 1,000s of public money can be spent pursuing claims for paths which have not been used for centuries, while present-day users struggle along overgrown paths because there is not enough money for maintenance.
I know our club hasn't been as lucky as yours, or been so well off financially but we struggle along with our great director Bill Kenright and our tremendous manager David Moyes.
It added that in this context, the LTTE was conscious of the new circumstances and the need to take their freedom struggle along new pathways and new administrative structures of the movement have been reformulated.
If no one comes forward we may have to struggle along with a tape recorder or using different pianists.