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After years of nosing about for the "perfect" Quebec caribou hunt, I finally struck paydirt.
intelligence efforts struck paydirt and a murderous terrorist has been eradicated.
Attendants were over and over reminded of such success stories: middle-aged men and women who had left steady jobs and, following a speaker's tips, had struck paydirt investing in real estate.
We're not sure if we have a trio of pop or rock star wannabes or not, but for kids so young (six, four, and three), there seems to be an awful lot of singing and music-playing around our house, so we knew we'd really struck paydirt when we spotted the US-1800 Portable CD & G Karaoke Boombox ($99) by VocoPro, La Verne, Calif.
He left three years before the group struck paydirt with the single Planet Earth, by which time he had been replaced by former Birmingham University student Simon Le Bon - who Duffy only met recently during the making of a television documentary about the band, an occasion that also saw him renew his acquaintance with keyboard player Nick Rhodes after 17 years.
Little did she know, by leaving her message on a certain answering machine, Carolyn struck paydirt.
1, this conglomeration of fancy hardware and unique computer software struck paydirt.
The company struck paydirt last year with the conception and production of Baby Geniuses.