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Put up your hands.' I smiled, but with that, biff, biff, he struck me, knocking me down and spilling my flowers.
We are here to determine who struck the first blow, and we are not interested in your estimates of Mr.
As I have said, and I repeat, there is no legal way for me to determine who struck the first blow.
The spear of King Agamemnon struck his shield and went right through it, for the shield stayed it not.
Menelaus struck him on the collar-bone as he was standing on his chariot, while Antilochus hit his charioteer and squire Mydon, the son of Atymnius, who was turning his horses in flight.
Ajax struck him in the belt; the spear pierced the lower part of his belly, and he fell heavily to the ground.
They threw at the same moment, and Sarpedon struck his foe in the middle of his throat; the spear went right through, and the darkness of death fell upon his eyes.
Mars roared as loudly as nine or ten thousand men in the thick of a fight, and the Achaeans and Trojans were struck with panic, so terrible was the cry he raised.
In Jawf province, the planes struck the main road in al-Yatamah area of Khabu and Sha`af district.
In Syria near Manbij, 15 strikes struck 12 separate IS tactical units and destroyed six IS fighting positions, three IS cave entrances, an IS weapons cache, an IS command-and-control node, two IS vehicles and an IS security headquarters, the announcement said.
Meanwhile, in Sydney in 1854, printers struck over wages at The Empire.
A MAFB training plane (T-38) struck a White Ibis (Eudocimus albus) in May 2005 causing nearly $300,000 worth of damage to the aircraft (Figure 1).
Rail yards, factories, depots, oil refineries, transportation nodes, all struck and continued to be struck.
(The previous record was 21, set in 1933.) Not all of the storms struck land, but many that did inflicted considerable damage.