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strive after something

to try very hard to obtain something. I am always striving after perfection. Ted was striving after a promotion and finally got it.
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strive against something

to work against something. He worked hard, striving against failure at every turn. Things were difficult. I had to strive against quitting almost every day.
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strive for something

to try to obtain or bring about something. I am striving for the best possible result. Mary strives for perfection in everything she does.
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strive to do something

to try hard to do something. She strove very hard to do what she had set out to do. Please strive to do it as best you can.
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strive toward something

to work toward a goal. DI always strive toward perfection. Mary strove toward doing her best at all times.
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References in classic literature ?
Hammers began to rattle on the walls; and every man strove to reach the prison, and be among the foremost rank.
But the flowers whispered their gratitude, and folded their leaves as if they blessed her; and when she saw the garden filled with loving friends, who strove to cheer and thank her for her care, courage and strength returned; and raising up thick clouds of mist, that hid her from the wondering flowers, alone and trustingly she began her work.
Sadly they watched over every bird and blossom which she had loved, and strove to be like her in kindly words and deeds.
Time and again, while completing my story, I asked people why state educators wouldn't deliberately set low standards, even if they strove for high achievement.
How his mind was always filled with music How he strove and strove from the age of fifteen in an orchard clouded with applebloom to the age of seventy-five in this so small and shabby room strove to invent a poem that would cry out in the variable textures of Bechet's soprano sax or Webster's tenor soaring growling whispering How he always failed How he toiled as the years came more and more to press upon his will although he nevertheless never permitted himself to give up How he says to himself now Is this a life And how it must be for what else can it be How he would have liked even so something more Or something a little less.
Ginsberg hated capitalism and strove mightily to be full of harm to the harmful, part of Moloch's overthrow.