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When asked if the procedure of filing FIRs was easy, 24pc strongly disagreed, 8pc somewhat disagreed, 38pc were neutral, 9pc somewhat agreed and 20pc strongly agreed.
90 strongly agreed, 57 agreed, 12 disagreed, and 2 strongly disagreed for stopwatch; and 92 strongly agreed, 58 agreed, 6 disagreed, and 5 strongly disagreed for timer.
2% strongly agreed that obesity is associated with serious medical condition.
7% of the students were strongly disagreed with this statement that ODL can develop or contribute in community development, 8% were disagreed,12.
But strongly agree that fund should be immediately used for the benefit of the coconut farmers and the coconut industry
Patients who strongly agreed with two or more statements also experienced physical and emotional consequences of surgical outcomes that extended well beyond the scope of the procedure to affecting five key areas of personal well-being.
Its tech-savvy militants express these ideals not strongly but savagely by breaking the civilized rules that still govern the world and using the very technology of progress to broadcast their barbarism across the hated West.
In the first year of Obama's presidency, the percentages of Americans who had strong views about the job he was doing were essentially tied, but the strongly negative responses now significantly outweigh the strongly positive ones.
Among age groups, 35-44 year olds are the most upset by format change — 89% agree that a format change by a station they like upsets them and 55% agree strongly.
Read the five statements below and then select the response that best describes how strongly you agree or disagree with each.
Some 53% of hospitals disagreed it would (33% disagreed and a further 20% strongly disagreed).
33), respectively, strongly agreed, agreed, and disagreed.
com)-- When asked for an opinion on whether the news media did an excellent job at informing viewers regarding the recent election, almost a quarter of Americans strongly disagree with that statement.
Beineke and Hegde [4] call a graph with p vertices strongly multiplicative if the vertices of G can be labeled with distinct integers 1, 2, .
Levine (1960) introduced strongly continuous functions in the widely read Classroom Notes section of the American Mathematical Monthly.