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Nearly threefold more participants strongly disagreed/ disagreed that drivers do not yield to pedestrians or bicyclists in the neighborhood than those who strongly agreed/agreed, meaning that most felt that drivers do yield.
The above table indicates that 6.7% of the students were strongly disagreed with this statement that ODL can develop or contribute in community development, 8% were disagreed,12.7% did not show any response and 38.7% students were agreed with concept, whereas 34% students were strongly agreed with it.
Regarding consulting text book of concerned subjects during difficulty in prescribing some drugs--all the three groups agreed, but clinical tutors and junior doctors strongly agreed.
Patients who strongly agreed with just one of these statements had higher satisfaction and lower problem incidence compared with patients who did not strongly agree (giving a rating of 1 to 4).
Strongly disagree 10% Graphics: Somewhat disagree 8% Strongly agree 22% Somewhat agree 44% Neither agree nor disagree 16% Do you think the next government should increase or decrease overseas aid?
Strongly condemning the attack, Altaf Hussain said, "This was an act of barbaric terrorism.
Its tech-savvy militants express these ideals not strongly but savagely by breaking the civilized rules that still govern the world and using the very technology of progress to broadcast their barbarism across the hated West.
Half (52 per cent) of respondents strongly agree that Dubai Expo 2020 will have a positive impact on their lives.
Among age groups, 35-44 year olds are the most upset by format change — 89% agree that a format change by a station they like upsets them and 55% agree strongly. Least upset are 18-24's, especially 18-24-year-old men.
For example, if you answered "Strongly Agree" for all five questions, your total would be 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 20.
Some 53% of hospitals disagreed it would (33% disagreed and a further 20% strongly disagreed).
Most of the participants believed that pharmacists persuing six-year program of Pharm.D have more competence than the pharmacy courses of four plus two years (4 years B.Pharm + 2 years M.Pharmacy Practice); 39, 26, and 14% (mean: 3.76, SD: 1.33), respectively, strongly agreed, agreed, and disagreed.
It found those aged over 45 felt strongly that headphone use behind the wheel should be outlawed, with 88 per cent strongly backing the move, while only 38 per cent of younger people strongly agreed.
In particular, those aged over 45 felt strongly that headphone use behind the wheel should be outlawed, with 88% saying they 'strongly agree' it should, rising to 91% for the over 65s.