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We need to come back stronger, better people, people who want to play for Middlesbrough Football Club.
APHA was joined by more than 200 other organizations endorsing stronger standards in the ad, which was organized by the American Lung Association.
Sales of stronger cheese have increased by 13% at Tesco and the store has added five more varieties to boost the UK cheddar market.
It seems even the federal government has determined that cast-in-place reinforced concrete--framed office buildings are indeed safer and stronger than those constructed using a steel frame," Gerosa says, adding that "when it comes to safety, especially for a high-rise office tower and its occupants, there is nothing like cast-in-place reinforced concrete.
He adds that several other nonferrous grades are following in the path of copper and aluminum with stronger price and demand.
Over my three games in charge, I've seen a stronger attitude among our players.
However, a well-rounded program, progressing through all of the stages, helps the patient recover to a stronger, more injury-resistant and posturally aware running form.
Those who had originally been strength training not only had stronger back muscles and better bone density, they also had less than half as many spinal fractures as the control group.
If so, a country with a high preference for price stability, say Germany, might conclude that it wants to introduce a new Deutsche mark that would be internally more stable and externally stronger than the euro.
and the glazed look in her eyes just became stronger and stronger.
The result is that patches are said to be stronger than the existing material they repair.
0 on the Richter scale is 10 times stronger that a quake registering 1.
It helps bodies grow stronger and it leads to a unique way of thinking.
Nevertheless, some women are stronger and larger than some men and women are constitutionally stronger than men, so the biological explanation alone is obviously insufficient.