strong silent type

strong, silent type

cliché A person, especially a man, who exudes strength by taking action without expressing or worrying about their emotions. I've always been attracted to the strong, silent type, but whenever I'm in a relationship with a guy like that, I find it infuriating that he never tells me what he's thinking or includes me in the decision-making process.
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strong silent type

A man of action who is reserved and masks his feelings. For example, Paula always preferred the strong silent type to more extroverted men. Almost never used for a woman, this expression may be obsolescent. [c. 1900]
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strong silent type, the

A man of few words but effective action; one who masks his feelings. This phrase, today nearly always used ironically, was extremely popular with women novelists of the early 1900s who used it to depict a very romantic figure. Even today, when it may be obsolescent, it is never used for a woman. Leslie Charteris had it in The Saint and Templar (1978): “I’ve always fancied myself as the strong silent type.” Also see macho.
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Holbrook's a strong silent type, and in real life seems decidedly unlike what you would expect from an action adventure star who is kicking butt and breathing life into The Predator -- the fourth movie to feature the hunters from the dark side of the galaxy, out in the UAE on September 13.
He's impressed her by not only being the strong silent type, but showing he's soft and sensitive too.
Paul of being the strong silent type. He is not a stranger to ill-considered words.
The North is the strong silent type while the South seduces you with the sheer beauty of the layout.
And if you can't, try to be the strong silent type.
As the cocksure Tommy De Vito, Stephen Webb was a real scene stealer, Sam played talented upstart Bob Gaudio with a determined naivety and there was firm but assured air of mystery surrounding strong silent type Nick Massi courtesy of Lewis.
What they have discovered is that the perfect Scottish man is over 6ft - medium build with strawberry blond hair, strong willed and with a sensitive side.The strong silent type.
He is no longer a man who never has anything to say, but the strong silent type.
HE'S the strong silent type, with just a hint of campmate romance, but Stuart Manning couldn't be a more worthy King of the Jungle according to his former Hollyoaks pals.
He is the strong silent type. He has a beautiful face and a beautiful body - although he is a little bit reserved though.
Being the strong silent type might help with getting girls, but it won't with "The Quest." If people know that you quest, often they'll help.
Inzamam is the strong silent type who likes nothing better that batting during his waking hours.
More passive is the Strong Silent Type, who contains his emotion and takes control of all situations, particularly when there is a woman involved.
Clint Easton plays at full-back but, unlike the bloke he sounds like, he's not the strong silent type.
Fiennes is good in this ambitious but flawed film, playing the strong silent type who mainly talks with his amazing eyes.