strong, silent type

strong, silent type

cliché A person, especially a man, who exudes strength by taking action without expressing or worrying about their emotions. I've always been attracted to the strong, silent type, but whenever I'm in a relationship with a guy like that, I find it infuriating that he never tells me what he's thinking or includes me in the decision-making process.
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the strong, silent type

a strong, quiet man. Clark looks like the strong, silent type. Actually he is slightly deaf and that's fat, not muscle.
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strong silent type

A man of action who is reserved and masks his feelings. For example, Paula always preferred the strong silent type to more extroverted men. Almost never used for a woman, this expression may be obsolescent. [c. 1900]
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He's a "strong, silent type [that ] takes all his responsibilities to heart as the new Mountie in town," according to a Hallmark press release.
He's impressed her by not only being the strong, silent type, but showing he's soft and sensitive, too.
Coaches and teammates describe Burmeister, who Oregon does not make available for interviews, as a strong, silent type, much like Herbert.
Dark Horse Merlot, PS8, Tesco your da is the strong, silent type, a bottle of this gutsy Merlot is a great choice.
CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler referred to him as "the strong, silent type," with an unerring ability to "diagnose problems with surgical precision" and a nurturing attitude that elicited the best from the big personalities with whom he's dealt, as well as with the show's staffs.
Don't be the strong, silent type. If you have a need, tap your network--friends, family and even fairly casual acquaintances.
The strong, silent type if he comes from Digos, Davao or Rosario, Batangas.
Is your current rewards card the strong, silent type that doesn't keep pace with your lifestyle needs?
It is just the luck of the draw that Jake is the strong, silent type:
If your lad is the strong, silent type like Zayn, who knows, maybe he's been waiting for you too.
The Dominican native is the strong, silent type - affable and easygoing.
in Carmarthen This is all new to me as her brother was more of the strong, silent type until he was well into his twos.
Most westerns have that strong, silent type and here is this boorish guy ...
While some are impressed by the Flash Harrys of the trade, he prefers the strong, silent type.
"And when he does it is in Ghanaian!" TACKLE OF THE MATCH BRAMBLE'S boneshaker on Garry O'Connor met with the most acclaim, but perhaps even THE STRONG, SILENT TYPE SUNDERLAND played pass the parcel with the CATS THAT GOT THE CREAM BRAMBLE and Elmohamady both impressed on debut, and new England under-21 cap Jordan Henderson was immense while he only had to do the job of one midfielder.