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stroll down memory lane

To reminisce over memories of past events, especially happy ones. My grandmother spends more time strolling down memory lane these days than talking about the present. Sarah: "How did your coffee date with John go?" Amy: "It was pretty amicable, actually. We strolled down memory lane for a while, and then we went our separate ways."
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arm in arm

Of two people, having linked arms, typically at the elbows, as a romantic gesture or one of friendship. Dana and her new boyfriend were arm in arm as they walked toward us. My daughter and her best friend are always walking around arm in arm.
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take a stroll down memory lane

To reminisce, especially about happy memories. Every so often I like to dig out my photo albums from college and take a stroll down memory lane.
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*arm in arm

Fig. [of persons] linked or hooked together by the arms. (*Typically: go ~; Stroll ~; walk ~.) The two lovers walked arm in arm down the street. They skated arm in arm around the rink.
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stroll around

to walk around casually. I think I will stroll around a bit this evening. Would you like to stroll around a little and see the sights?
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stroll through something

to walk casually through something or some place. Would you like to stroll through the park with me? Let's stroll through a few shops and see what the prices are like here.
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arm in arm

With one person's arm linked around another's; also, closely allied or intimate, as in Both couples walked arm in arm around the grounds of the estate, and This candidate is arm in arm with the party's liberal wing. The literal expression dates from the late 1300s, when Chaucer so used it: "They went arm in arm together into the garden" ( Troilus and Cressida). The figurative usage dates from about 1600. Also see hand in hand.
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arm in arm

With arms linked together: They walked across the beach arm in arm.
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References in classic literature ?
Don Quixote took a fancy to stroll about the city quietly and on foot, for he feared that if he went on horseback the boys would follow him; so he and Sancho and two servants that Don Antonio gave him set out for a walk.
But when we paired off to stroll along boy and girl together, I noted that Louis had invariably picked the good-looker and left to me the little lame sister.
We've had different houses on different strolls at various times -- the holiday stroll or the tour of gracious homes -- and it's always been a good excuse to get work done,'' said Jeffrey Dill.
Therewill be Specsave a rs Stiletto Strolls in towns across Wales where there's a store but Alex will only lead the Cardiff Queen Street one.
ENCHANTING STROLLS Let's take a stroll down leafy lanes, With streams meandering by.
Team of 60 Participants from Upsher-Smith Strolls to Raise Awareness for Epilepsy in Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota
THE weather has gone from bad to verse for Keira Knightley as she strolls across a blustery beach with Matthew Rhys as poet Dylan Thomas.
OH, SEA: Mischa strolls on the beach with Cisco RAMEY/XPOSURE/X17 AGENCY
If Alys's strolls are fables of sorts, they are painfully crystalline ones, like the hyperreal perceptions that follow a hangover.
Without commenting on the deliberations, which would have spoiled the mystery surrounding his opposition to the purchase, Turner enticed the cameramen with frequent strolls through the hotel lobby.
Five years ago, at the age of nineteen, he was recruited to do outreach work in AIDS prevention education among his fellow hustlers on the prostitution strolls.
A new study shows that regular hour-long strolls -- which do little to improve cardiovascular fitness -- can nevertheless reduce a woman's heart disease risk by boosting her blood levels of high-density lipoproteins (HDLs), which help remove cholesterol from the body.
In the summer, the gardens are open for evening strolls on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
EVERYONE is being encouraged to take part in a series of scenic strolls in Coventry next month.
Art strolls are popular across the country right now," said Susan Cashman, primary coordinator for Art Stroll and a local artist.