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stroll down memory lane

To reminisce over memories of past events, especially happy ones. My grandmother spends more time strolling down memory lane these days than talking about the present. Sarah: "How did your coffee date with John go?" Amy: "It was pretty amicable, actually. We strolled down memory lane for a while, and then we went our separate ways."
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arm in arm

Of two people, having linked arms, typically at the elbows, as a romantic gesture or one of friendship. Dana and her new boyfriend were arm in arm as they walked toward us. My daughter and her best friend are always walking around arm in arm.
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take a stroll down memory lane

To reminisce, especially about happy memories. Every so often I like to dig out my photo albums from college and take a stroll down memory lane.
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stroll around

To walk slowly and leisurely around (some place). I had the afternoon to kill while I was in Dublin, so I just spent a few hours strolling around and enjoying the sights. Feel free to stroll around the campus after our tour is over.
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stroll through (some place)

To walk slowly and leisurely through some place. I always set aside 30 minutes to stroll through the park beside the office after lunch. The CEO strolled through the new office, making sure everything was in order.
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*arm in arm

Fig. [of persons] linked or hooked together by the arms. (*Typically: go ~; Stroll ~; walk ~.) The two lovers walked arm in arm down the street. They skated arm in arm around the rink.
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stroll around

to walk around casually. I think I will stroll around a bit this evening. Would you like to stroll around a little and see the sights?
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stroll through something

to walk casually through something or some place. Would you like to stroll through the park with me? Let's stroll through a few shops and see what the prices are like here.
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arm in arm

With one person's arm linked around another's; also, closely allied or intimate, as in Both couples walked arm in arm around the grounds of the estate, and This candidate is arm in arm with the party's liberal wing. The literal expression dates from the late 1300s, when Chaucer so used it: "They went arm in arm together into the garden" ( Troilus and Cressida). The figurative usage dates from about 1600. Also see hand in hand.
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arm in arm

With arms linked together: They walked across the beach arm in arm.
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On Thursday thieves strolled into a house in Westbury Street at 9.30am and stole personal belongings.
PC Anthony Gamesby, of Thornaby Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: "On each occasion, the thief has simply strolled in through the front door "During most incidents the occupant has simply been getting on with everyday life - cleaning, vacuuming, watching television.
A source said: "The pair appeared very much in love as they strolled at Club 55, a bohemian beach club and restaurant which is a favourite with the likes of Bono and Jack Nicholson.
The duo on holiday together (right) strolled through the Brazilian city's Copacabana area and created a frenzy as people rushed to take photographs and get autographs.
Frank Worthington wrote, slaughtering me for having a pop at Leicester 'funny man' Alan Birchenall, whose attempts at humour backfired so conspicuously when Manchester United strolled into Filbert Street.
The Derry babe strolled around upmarket Ocean Drive in Miami, Florida, holding hands with American Football star Jason Bell.
The family strolled along a pavement on their way back from a beach to their nest at a boating lake.
Jesse, 28, strolled around Los Angeles in a black shirt and dark glasses while 21-year-old Nadine left her London home in all-black jumper, leggings, glasses and boots.
Still, the gorgeous ac tress turned heads as she strolled along with playwright Zach Helm.
There was even a ring on view as they strolled around Boston, USA.
Carrying Christmas shopping, 34-year-old Karen strolled in Paris with ex-love Jean Yves Le Fur.
On the very same day, a tomato was thrown at an open-mouthed Prince Philip as he strolled around Tasmania in the midday heat.
The killer, who wore no mask, then strolled calmly out of the house to a waiting getaway car.