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Wigan were determined to enjoy their stroll down memory lane and manager Paul Cook dispensed with his customary cup of tea, which he has during the opening minutes to settle any nerves before the battle to come.
Regrets too creep in, yet nostalgic moments Truly can be so much more powerful More so than a stroll down Memory Lane Which we all crave now and again To evoke our best memories Nostalgia can make us laugh out loud Yet it also ignites regrets too Which makes our hearts ache Longing to erase our past misdemeanours Sadly nostalgia is a mix of emotions Triggered by a moment both of happiness and sadness While decorating your abode, stick on your fave Chrimbo songs and carols, sing your heart out Step back into sentimental mode Feel that familiar twinge deep in your heart of hearts That only nostalgia takes you to the place you ache to be at this time of the year.
The Rangoon actor took a stroll down memory lane as an actor saying as an actor he has evolved.
I THOUGHT I would take a stroll down memory lane (road) where my wife and I used to walk with our children on Sundays to their grandparents who lived on Alwen Avenue in Birkby.
A GWYNEDD village is hosting its first pop-up museum over the summer by inviting residents to take a stroll down memory lane.
The feature can help you to stroll down memory lane and fondly remember some of the times you've spent with friends and family.
I took a stroll down memory lane recently when planning the launch of the newest addition to our website, the Exchange blog (www.
Al-Zaid also encouraged visitors to the Avenues Mall to drop by the exhibition to embark on a virtual stroll down memory lane, as the photographic compilation dates back to 1966.
With this in mind, take a stroll down memory lane, back to 2011, when US officials stormed bin Laden's residence in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, to a time of high shine on the Twittersphere.
The popular broadcaster joins host Len Goodman for a stroll down memory lane as she chooses her favourite vacation.
Take a stroll down memory lane at St Mirren and chances are you'll end up in Lapsley Avenue.
Reserve the dates if you want to stroll down memory lane or just catch up with what's happening with your old friends (or to see how well we have all aged).
JOHN CLARK admits there were tears and laughter as he and his fellow Lions took a stroll down memory lane in Lisbon at the scene of their European fairytale.
Even those who enjoy a regular stroll down memory lane at Beamish Museum usually find something new to explore on every visit.
Excuse me while I take a long, slow stroll down Memory Lane.