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At press time, Judge Stroker had agreed to grant the $2,100 credit, but no decision to appeal had been made.
Stroker says that currently there is discussion regarding the possibility of holding more conferences in the future in conjunction with these other associations.
Cerwin-Vega Mobile amplifiers are available in both Stroker and Vega series but both utilize the same design so you can mix and match them in the same system and not worry about looking out of place.
Stroker came in with a tremendous haul of 42 points which, added to Sharp's 37, gave them a winning total of 79, eight ahead of their nearest rivals, and also brought Stroker the individual prize.
Trailng 2-0 from the first leg, Boro looked to have no chance when Brazilian stroker Eduardo gave Basle a 3-0 aggregate lead after 23 minutes.
Sunnen's new SV-1000 system stroker design delivers a consistent crosshatch pattern throughout the entire bore length.
The medal ends a difficult few days of underachievement from Team GB at the Olympic Aquatic Centre, although there was disappointment for Scottish breast stroker Ian Edmond last night after he was disqualified in the 200m breast stroke final.
You see, husband used to be chief chooser, planter and petal stroker.
The company's Stroker subwoofer line, for example, is seen as a step-up from mainstream models.
DM62--Handbuch Philosophie is a series edited by Elisabeth Stroker and Wolfgang Wieland, the purpose of which is to present various fields and themes in contemporary thought.
Renee Bergeron and Richard Stroker of the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services discuss important aspects of implementing a responsive training program.