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In her speech, Stroker thanked her "best friends who have held my hands and pulled me around New York City for years, helping me," and her parents "for teaching me to use my gifts to help people."
According to Elisabeth Stroker, non-continuity edits deny consciousness its time awareness by short-circuiting changing visual perspectives: "The identity of the sense guarantees the relationship to a now of something that is passing and makes comprehensible the 'now' and the 'having been'" (1987: 39).
In his new role, Stroker will be based in Amherst's New York office.
Midrange power from the Strokers was strong as we rumbled to 30 mph in 5.8 seconds.
Featuring two motors, one for the spindle and one for the stroker, the SV-10 vertical honing machine has the capability to run traditional tools as well as Sunnen's DH-series diamond hone head.
Stroker ruled in favor of a $9,800 impact fee charged by the Osceola County school board.
A few of the women even enjoyed status as sex symbols, such as Hedy Bienenfeld, a breast stroker in the late 1920s who once appeared on the cover of a popular smoking magazine sporting her swimsuit with a Star of David on the front.
Jack Stroker, business manager at polyester fiber maker Wellman, said, "The future of the industry is in question right now, unless something changes in the plans you have today."
According to SCCA President Richard Stroker, nearly 600 criminal justice professionals were in attendance, and the meeting was extremely successful.
Typically, the actuator is used as an electrohydraulic stroker on Denison hydraulic piston pumps.
The bow paddler, or stroker, sets the pace; the person in second or third position calls side-to-side paddling changes every 8 to 14 strokes.
Ali Stroker became the first actor in a wheelchair to win, taking home the best featured actress in a musical Tony for playing Ado Annie in 'Oklahoma.' She dedicated her award to other disabled kids, saying that they were represented.
The crowd at Radio City Music Hall erupted when Ali Stroker made history as the first actor in a wheelchair to win a Tony Award.
Summary: Washington DC [USA], June 10 (ANI): Ali Stroker made history by becoming the first actor in a wheelchair to win a Tony Award.