stroke of luck

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stroke of luck

An unexpected fortunate occurrence. Meeting my favorite celebrity at the airport was certainly a stroke of luck that wouldn't have happened if I'd arrived five minutes later. I worked very hard on the script, but getting to pitch it to the producer in the elevator was just a stroke of luck.
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a stroke of luck

Fig. a bit of luck; a lucky happening. I had a stroke of luck and found Tom at home when I called. He's not usually there. Unless I have a stroke of luck, I'm not going to finish this report by tomorrow.
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stroke of luck (or good luck)

a fortunate occurrence that could not have been predicted or expected.
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And by an incredible stroke of luck the cameras are on hand to catch the magical moment.
He was therefore due a stroke of luck - and after getting through the traffic on the A3, Al-Fahim saw the 13th-minute fluke.
Claire Evans, 38, had a stroke of luck last Wednesday at the Castle Club, Tremains Road, Bridgend, where she regularly plays with her pals.
A FERRY passenger's life was saved by a stroke of luck - because 13 doctors were on board for a golfing trip.
A SMALL-STAKING internet punter had a stroke of luck on the way to picking up pounds 80,341 as the sole winner of yesterday's Scoop6, writes Paul Eacott.
His other stroke of luck then kicked in, when the comparatively poor turn-out at Oakland Hills in the United States encouraged R&A officials to make 16, rather than the scheduled 12, qualifying places available at Sunningdale.
Neal has played down hopes of a return to winning ways in Ireland this weekend, claiming he needs a massive stroke of luck for his first win of the season.
CYCLING: A crash which leaves your bike in pieces and your clothes in rags might not sound like the greatest stroke of luck but that is exactly how Nicole Cooke views a collision which could have ended her hopes of defending her Commonwealth title.
A stockton mum is enjoying a Mini adventure after a stroke of luck.
He picked up the Lacson Tankard Medal and followed up with the Gary Cooper Cup ( and it was stroke of luck that saw him win the Cooper Cup.
It was a stroke of luck that Elgin were grateful for as they were clearly second-best.
It was exactly the stroke of luck Jones wanted, as a defeat could well have meant the end of his two-year reign at Molineux, despite last weekend's hard-fought FA Cup third round win over Newcastle.
With Mickey Heathcote in superb form at the centre of defence, the Shrews continued to hold firm in the second half although they had a stroke of luck when on-loan Elvis Hammond sent a downward header against Mark Cartwright's right-hand post.
While certain famous folks, misperceived as gay, have taken out full-page ads proclaiming their heterosexuality, it's refreshing to meet someone who views being mistaken for gay as a stroke of luck Since my first book came out, so many young men and women have told me they read that book at exactly the right moment," explains Chabon from Berkeley, Calif.