stroke of luck

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stroke of luck

An unexpected fortunate occurrence. Meeting my favorite celebrity at the airport was certainly a stroke of luck that wouldn't have happened if I'd arrived five minutes later. I worked very hard on the script, but getting to pitch it to the producer in the elevator was just a stroke of luck.
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a stroke of luck

Fig. a bit of luck; a lucky happening. I had a stroke of luck and found Tom at home when I called. He's not usually there. Unless I have a stroke of luck, I'm not going to finish this report by tomorrow.
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stroke of luck (or good luck)

a fortunate occurrence that could not have been predicted or expected.
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"This could be the stroke of luck we've been after although I refuse to admit it's a turning point.
This could turn out to be a stroke of luck, though, because the police are being so useless, the only hand-cuffs Cameron looks likely to end up in are furry ones.
He just needs that stroke of luck which he didn't have the other night.
Leighton Baines made the most of the visitors' stroke of luck to snatch a point with a 1-1 draw by cancelling out Colback's first-half strike, but the 22-year-old Sunderland player was taking a measured approach despite his disappointment.
But by a stroke of luck a lady walked into the Guinness heir's toyshop, Honeyjam, in Portobello Road, in London selling some vintage toys.
"It was a stroke of luck - if I'd left when I was going to, the pub would have burned to the ground."
Claire Evans, 38, had a stroke of luck last Wednesday at the Castle Club, Tremains Road, Bridgend, where she regularly plays with her pals.
A FERRY passenger's life was saved by a stroke of luck - because 13 doctors were on board for a golfing trip.
The head of steam pub at 2 Neville Street, Newcastle on Tyne has had a face lift to its upper floor bar - lots of lovely solid wood tables (made in Yorkshire, so you know they're good) and stools, re-upholstered seating, sanded and varnished floor and bar, new low-energy lights, painted throughout (which, by a stroke of luck, actually matches the seating!).
A 33,000-1 STROKE of luck -and a lot of skill - has put travel trade executive Jason Smith in line for a one million euros windfall.
It was a stroke of luck when Treorci Male Voice Choir from Rhondda called to saythey needed an extra 30 voices.
A stockton mum is enjoying a Mini adventure after a stroke of luck.
Eaves enjoyed a stroke of luck in race one when he inherited the lead from pole position man Tom Chilton but the Honda driver proved up to the task.
He picked up the Lacson Tankard Medal and followed up with the Gary Cooper Cup ( and it was stroke of luck that saw him win the Cooper Cup.
tournament favourite, enjoyed another stroke of luck when he reached the final atfer Irakli Labadze pulled out of their semi after just five games.