stroke ego

stroke someone's ego

Fig. to flatter and praise someone. If you have trouble with him, just take a few minutes and stroke his ego. You'll soon have him eating out of your hand.
See also: ego, stroke
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Both understood the "feel moments" in Congress, as Dodd called them--knowing when to stroke egos or knock heads, when to hold and when to fold in negotiations to keep legislation alive.
Teel, an ordained minister with PhD's in Divinity and Biblical Studies, contends that, "Man has developed religion for various purposes; whether it was to exert control, instill morality, or stroke egos.
Fight to move the most interesting, important stuff up in the story, and push all that background down where it belongs-or, if you can, out of the story altogether, if the only reason you're running it is to stroke egos.
On the other hand, one of my clients had such humility that he was able to build bridges, admit mistakes, stroke egos, and, in so doing, create lines of communication in an organization with years and years of nasty history of bickering and blaming," our colleague adds.