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For the last 30 years National Stroke Association has provided significant impact to the stroke community through programs of prevention, treatment, and post-stroke care and empowered survivors and their circle of care to thrive after stroke.
Struggling to Recover highlights the difficulties faced by stroke survivors in accessing health and social care services in the community.
It also gives information on how people can join the campaign for better help and support for stroke survivors across the country.
CIMT should be considered as a valuable form of rehabilitation for stroke patients who have lost arm function," Wolf says.
The Phase IIa MITI-IA study will enroll up to 20 patients with acute vertebro-basilar artery occlusion, a subset of acute stroke patients who have a particularly high mortality rate.
The stroke patients force themselves to improve dexterity in their impaired side without instinctively relying on their strong hand, covered by the mitt.
This book further defines the scope of her journey: her struggle with complications in the recovery process, heart surgery, wrestling with rehabilitation again, the homecoming, being on her own when she leaves her husband and lives independently, fighting the residual effects of a stroke, and finally her new beginning as a stroke survivor.
The three basic areas of the crawl stroke that I emphasize in helping the triathletes swim faster while conserving energy are the kick, rhythmic breathing, and the arm stroke.
The public's inability to recognize the symptoms of a stroke is one reason why less than five percent of stroke victims get the best treatment available, experts.
This study sought to determine if there is a correlation between family education for the family of a stroke patient prior to discharge from the hospital and family adjustment.
MINNEAPOLIS -- According to the American Stroke Association, every forty-five seconds in America, someone has a stroke.
5, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Henry Winkler, actor, director, author and philanthropist, is partnering with National Stroke Association to celebrate caregivers during National Family Caregivers Month this November.
Researchers now report that people recovering from a stroke have less vitamin D in their systems than do healthy peers.
According to the American Stroke Association, about 700,000 Americans each year suffer a new or recurrent stroke.
LOS ANGELES -- CytRx Corporation (Nasdaq:CYTR), a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of human therapeutics, today announced plans to initiate additional animal stroke functional recovery studies with its lead oral drug candidate arimoclomol, currently being evaluated as a therapeutic for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease).