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it's ill striving against the stream

1. It is futile to challenge that which cannot be changed. The school board has made their decision, and we just have to accept it. It's ill striving against the stream.
2. It is unwise, improper, futile to act or behave in opposition or contrary to what is generally understood, assumed, practiced, or accepted. I had some radical beliefs when I was in college, but as I've grown older, I've found that it's ill striving against the stream. My parents always said that it's ill striving against the stream, but I can't help it—I'm different, and I won't change myself just to please others.
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strive after (something)

To put forth a great and tenacious effort to attain or accomplish something, especially that which is uncertain or intangible. I have spent my career as an artist striving after beauty and truth in their most ideal forms. You should spend less time striving after the praise and acceptance of others.
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strive against (something)

To put forth a great and tenacious effort to prevent or oppose something. My great-grandfather gave his life striving against tyranny and oppression. The local community has been striving against the economic decline with a number of initiatives to keep people employed.
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strive for (something)

To put forth a great and tenacious effort to attain or accomplish something. I could tell she was striving for that promotion by how hard she'd been working recently. Our organization has been striving for peace in this region for the last ten years. You should always strive for excellence, but striving for perfection is a fool's errand.
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strive to (do something)

To put forth a great and tenacious effort to do or accomplish something. Our team has striven to create the most realistic computer-generated effects ever seen. We are striving to bring peace to the war-torn region.
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strive toward (something)

To put forth a great and tenacious effort in order to achieve or approach some particular goal. You should always strive toward excellence, but striving toward perfection is a fool's errand. I'm striving toward a 4.0 this semester, but it's going to be tough.
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strive after something

to try very hard to obtain something. I am always striving after perfection. Ted was striving after a promotion and finally got it.
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strive against something

to work against something. He worked hard, striving against failure at every turn. Things were difficult. I had to strive against quitting almost every day.
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strive for something

to try to obtain or bring about something. I am striving for the best possible result. Mary strives for perfection in everything she does.
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strive to do something

to try hard to do something. She strove very hard to do what she had set out to do. Please strive to do it as best you can.
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strive toward something

to work toward a goal. DI always strive toward perfection. Mary strove toward doing her best at all times.
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Allah and His Messenger (PBUH) emphasized the need for Muslims to help one another and strive in the cause of Allah as true form of Jihad.
Additionally, the portal strives to help people form opinions, take stands and gain more knowledge about their political, social and elemental lives.
In order for the Group to turn its plans into reality, it has to strive to be the best, meet goals and achieve promises.
This will not be possible without decision makers who follow the examples set by the business awards and strive to be the best.
It asks that we strive valiantly to do our duty, to know the great enthusiasms and the great devotions, and to live our lives in the arena.
The logistics of moving to a new city can be daunting, but one company strives to put your mind at ease--Chicago-based Alliance Relocation Services L.L.C.
Dupre strives to take account of the modern turn to the subject while maintaining the revealed givenness of truth as disclosed.
Dupre describes ritual as "the Divine play of time." Modernity, with its exclusively rectilinear conception of time and a restless orientation only toward the future has no patience for ritual, which strives to unite past, present and future in a single timeless act.
NARI strives to foster understanding of instructors' roles in a total rehabilitation process, and to encourage and stimulate professional growth and pride in instructors so they can meet the demands of changing times.
NARI members also strive to develop certification standards with their state boards of education and circulate newsletter articles about their work.
As a leader, the facility manager strives to keep the lines of communication open and work with team members not as a dictator but as a facilitator.
Whether renovating the corporate headquarters, constructing a new regional office or placing a computer system in a department, facility managers constantly strive to coordinate the physical workplace with the people and work of an organization.
As Keenan defines it "goodness is the measure of persons, their habits of conduct, and their acts as proceeding from one who strives openly out of love to realize right living" (p.
In contrast, Colored White: Transcending the Racial Past is a dense collection of essays that strives to translate the coded language of white privilege, explaining the subtle processes by which racial hierarchies become entrenched.
Problems like this, however, are probably inevitable in a work that strives primarily for synthesis, and, in the case of this book, students will find these problems a small price to pay.