strive against

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strive against (something)

To put forth a great and tenacious effort to prevent or oppose something. My great-grandfather gave his life striving against tyranny and oppression. The local community has been striving against the economic decline with a number of initiatives to keep people employed.
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strive against something

to work against something. He worked hard, striving against failure at every turn. Things were difficult. I had to strive against quitting almost every day.
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Addressing delegates during the Bojanala district Lekgotla, Tourism MEC Desbo Mohono called on product owners to strive against all odds to make a positive contribution towards the economy of this province.
The statement pointed to Sudanese people strive against the public order laws, saying that personal freedom is an inherent right guaranteed by all international laws and norms.
We must strive against the onslaught of collective amnesia and dementia by taking a lesson from these ruins.
The reason why Allah loves human beings more than the angels is that angels simply obey Allah's commands, while human beings strive against satan and earthly desires and believe in the mysteries without seeing Him.
The Chief Minister Informed the Chairman that according to the international health standards, it is important that the quality of routine immunization is improved to help children strive against nine diseases and that includes polio eradication.
MP Mohammed al-Sayhood, in a statement, added that his "alliance will cooperate with the forces that will protect Iraq from foreign machinations that strive against its unity".
Ustuner, as the cushion decreases, the hair follicle must strive against higher pressure, requiring more testosterone to achieve normal growth.
Moreover, teams strive against each other in Science Exhibition by showcasing their innovative projects.
I will continue, with my appearance, my modern stance, with love and affection and determination to maintain peace, to strive against the bigoted mindset and to eliminate the false beliefs that devalue Muslim communities.
In order to be determined to obtain forgiveness this year, one should resolve not to slacken to strive against himself and the whispers of the devil like every year.
We can create exciting investment ideas that ought to be able to strive against the whole range of macroeconomic environments.
One of the most difficult things we have to strive against is being biased.
We the developing world also have to strive against the threat as it is not only an additional burden in terms of finances but also a constant threat to the public health, said the minister.
Unfortunately, rather than striving with their opponents, contestants too often strive against them.
When I am obeying God's will, I am doing something Muslim, when I love my neighbour, I am Jewish, when I lose myself in contemplation, I am Hindu, when l strive against selfishness, I am Buddhist.