strip (someone or something) of (something)

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strip (someone or something) of (something)

1. To remove some outer layer or covering from someone or something, especially in a rough or forceful manner. The incredible winds stripped our roof of a bunch of its tiles last night. I stripped him of his clothes and hurried him into the shower before the chemicals burned his body.
2. To remove, take, or steal something from someone or something, especially in a forceful or brutish manner; to deprive someone or something of something. The authoritarian government has been slowly stripping its citizens' of basic freedoms ever since it came into power. The federal regulators stripped the company of its accreditation after their investigation revealed numerous infractions. He was stripped of his rank for deserting his company during combat.
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strip someone or something of something

to take something, such as status or property, away from someone or something. The court stripped him of all his property. We stripped him of his rights when we put him in jail.
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strip of

1. To deprive someone or something of some covering or ornament: The tornado stripped the tree of its leaves. The manuscript was stripped of its academic jargon.
2. To deprive someone of some honor, rank, office, privilege, or possession: Losing my job and my house stripped me of my dignity. The officers were court-martialed and stripped of their ranks.
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References in classic literature ?
Now he wore real clothing again for the first time since the ape-folk had stripped us of our apparel that long-gone day that had witnessed our advent within Pellucidar.
Whether it's the countless, massive data breaches or politically focused scandals like Cambridge Analytica, we're beginning to understand technology companies less as gadget makers and magicians and more as powerful monoliths who've stripped us of agency and control.
She writes: "The Camino stripped us of everything and became a journey of personal exploration, bringing us to a place where we had to face our pain, with nowhere to hide, as we desperately searched for meaning and inspiration."
"We call on you as your brothers, young and old, elders and children, men and women, inside and outside Qatar, and we appeal to your proud Arab origin because the Qatari government has let us down, made untrue claims about us and stripped us of our rights.
"Whitehall has stripped us of money since 2010 and it is a bit rich that a local issue has now done the same.
"We are not a political body, we are an airline and this blockade has stripped us of the rights which are guaranteed to us." Despite the siege, Qatar Airways continued its expansion, opening new routes and increasing its frequencies to various destinations in its network around the world.
Unfortunately, the tyrannical regime that followed him stripped us of all those things.
The arrival of the smartphone has stripped us of these simple human foibles that made life so quirky and unpredictable.
Their actions benefited foreign nations but stripped US of jobs and wealth, he added.
We are not a political body, we are an airline, and this blockade has stripped us of the rights which are guaranteed to us.
Such narcissism stripped us of the capacity to look critically at any actor whom we see inspired by our political model (bonus points if he or she writes political slogans in English).
SAI's treatment has even stripped us of our dignity," a shotgun coach thundered.
@roathboy In 2010 I welcomed TG, but then Tan joined and stripped us of our identity, then that was enough for me and I could not support him.
"The globalization of indifference has stripped us of our ability to cry," he said.
The historic problems that stripped us of our human characteristics established the roots of our present conflict.