strip to

strip to (something)

1. To remove all or nearly all one's clothes, leaving only bare skin or some minimal articles or levels of clothing. She stripped to her undergarments and jumped into the lake. I had to strip to my boxers for the physical exam. We all stripped to the skin before stepping into the hot tub.
2. To remove someone else's clothes, leaving only bare skin or some minimal articles or levels of clothing. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "strip" and "down." I had to strip Daniel to his underwear in order to wash all that muck off him. The guards stripped the prisoner to his socks to make sure he didn't have any weapons or contraband on him.
3. To remove all of the clothes above a certain point on one's body, typically one's waist. She stripped to the waist so the doctor could examine her heartbeat and breathing.
4. To remove all of the clothes someone is wearing above a certain point on their body, typically the waist. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "strip" and "down." They stripped me to the waist so that the chemicals on my shirt wouldn't burn my skin.
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strip to something

to take off one's clothing down to a particular level, usually to one's skin, the waist, or some euphemistic way of expressing nudity or near nudity. Tom stripped to the waist and continued to labor in the hot sun. Tom stripped to the bare essentials and got ready to be examined by the doctor.
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All that was necessary was to let the two strips of paper drop back into their places--to fasten the strip to the wall in Anne's room, by tightening the two lower strings--and then to replace the nails which held the loose strip on Geoffrey's side.
There are just a few differences to keep in mind while incorporating strips in this technique For best results, mark a 45-degree line on a strip to be sewn with stitch-and-flip.
PNN The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) is deeply concerned for the deterioration of humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip, especially in light of the closure of Rafah International Crossing Point, which has been the sole outlet for the movement of the population of the Gaza Strip to the outside world.
The vacancies, or holes, in the strip left by those electrons create positive electric charges that cause the strip to enlarge.
The rubber strips may be folded and stacked onto pallets for semiautomatic machines, but the resulting stack can cause the strip to overlap on itself, creating feed problems at the next processing step.
Malarkey, prompting papers to move the strip to the opinion page, to threaten to drop it entirely, and, in one case, to alter Malarkey's face to tone down the senatorial resemblance.
allowing the fluid barrier strip and the extending strip to be wrapped around itself into a roll, placing pressure on the pressure sensitive adhesive.
The base surface has a multiplicity of closely spaced-apart scores extending into the flooring strip from the base surface transverse to the length of the flooring strip along substantially the entire length of the flooring strip to relieve stress and increase flexibility in the wood strip for more closely adhering to irregularities of a sub-floor.
Mineral oil lubricates the process and cools the strip to prevent defects that are caused by uneven heating.
We weighed the runoff samples from the manure-amended strip to estimate surface flow.
Cooperation in the field of transport and communications, including a program, which will define guidelines for the establishment of a Gaza Sea Port Area, and will provide for the establishing of transport and communications to and from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to Israel and to other countries.
1 Referring to Diagram l-A, join multicolor floral 2 7/8" x WOF strip with white texture 2 7/8" x WOF strip to make Band 1.
Her comic strip, "Jane's World," broke new ground in May when it became the first gay-themed strip to receive national media syndication through United Media's Web site.