strip (someone or something) of (something)

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strip (someone or something) of (something)

1. To remove some outer layer or covering from someone or something, especially in a rough or forceful manner. The incredible winds stripped our roof of a bunch of its tiles last night. I stripped him of his clothes and hurried him into the shower before the chemicals burned his body.
2. To remove, take, or steal something from someone or something, especially in a forceful or brutish manner; to deprive someone or something of something. The authoritarian government has been slowly stripping its citizens' of basic freedoms ever since it came into power. The federal regulators stripped the company of its accreditation after their investigation revealed numerous infractions. He was stripped of his rank for deserting his company during combat.
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strip someone or something of something

to take something, such as status or property, away from someone or something. The court stripped him of all his property. We stripped him of his rights when we put him in jail.
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strip of

1. To deprive someone or something of some covering or ornament: The tornado stripped the tree of its leaves. The manuscript was stripped of its academic jargon.
2. To deprive someone of some honor, rank, office, privilege, or possession: Losing my job and my house stripped me of my dignity. The officers were court-martialed and stripped of their ranks.
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Can you deny that you wished to have her alone in a wood to strip her--to strip one of the prettiest ladies that ever was seen in the world?
Spurs striker Roberto Soldado looked to strip one of the idiots of his T-shirt which like the others bore the name of BassBuds headphones.
Summary: Newly elected Kurdish MPs announced Thursday they would boycott Turkey's Parliament, infuriated over an electoral board decision to strip one of them of his seat.
LET'S all stand up and applaud the local council for its obvious support of grass-roots music by attempting to strip one of the most important venues in Coventry of its licence - the Golden Cross.
Tourist Attractions ( Sun-kissed beaches, picturesque mountains and old towns as well as activities including golf and water sports have made the coastal strip one of Spain's most top tourist destinations.
Last summer, Sgt Hetherington hit the headlines when he called on magistrates to strip one of Birmingham's biggest and best known nightclubs, Dome II, of its licence because of long-running violence amongst revellers.
Spurs striker Roberto Soldado looked to strip one of the invaders of his T-shirt which, like those worn by the other two intruders, bore the name of headphones BassBuds.