strip in

strip in (something)

To add a photographic positive or negative to a composite in order to create a printing plate. A process made obsolete by modern computer software. We were told to strip in a picture of the new prime minister just an hour before the poster was due to go to the printer. What can be done in a couple of hours used to take a couple of days back when you had to strip in every image and piece of text by hand.
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strip something in

to insert something into a line of print by gluing or a strip of paper. You will have to strip the accent in. Strip in a grave accent right here.
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References in classic literature ?
The only real difference was that while those girls from the Munchkin country had the blue strip in front of their skirts, those from the country of the Quadlings had the red strip in front; and those from the country of the Winkies had the yellow strip in front, and the Gillikin girls wore the purple strip in front.
Stephan Pastis' PEARLS BEFORE SWINE: IT'S MY WORLD AND I'LL DOMINATE IF I WANT TO (9781449431068, $15.99) selects single panels from its comic strip, then includes the rest of the strip in a smaller line or two above the date boxes.