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Toyo specified a cooler/ stacker to process both soft and hard compounds, and with the flexibility to stack endless sheet, cut sheets or strips.
Starflex strip and mica strip also used in molds, platens and dies.
In some recent tests of carbon-nanotube strips that were not associated with a fuel cell, Spinks, Madden, Baughman, and their other colleagues found that they could speed actuation by using pulses of electricity more than 30 times as high as the typical voltages in the fuel cell arrangement.
What: Aaron McGruder's acclaimed comic strip about militant black kids adrift in the suburbs is reimagined as an animated series.
I've had the strip going [since 1993]," McEldowney jovially harrumphs, "and I want to do it the way I want to do it.
Obenberger said his firm, Obenberger & Associates, has represented strip clubs for 10 years, although he wouldn't say which clubs.
From the pinch rolls, the strip goes through a hot rolling stand that reduces the strip thickness by as much as 40%.
If there was brilliant satire here, there was also brilliant marketing: Doonesbury was now branded as a strip for smart people.
Although nasal dilator strips are known to decrease resistance to airflow and have been shown to help people with breathing while they sleep, athletic performance is a different matter.
The brainchild of 25-year-old Aaron McGruder, the strip now runs in approximately 220 newspapers.
If anyone is going to find any defendant guilty," The Washington Post scolded after a series of merciless strips on Watergate, "it's going to be the due process of justice, not a comic strip artist.
By specifying "the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip," the passage implies Israeli recognition of "Palestinian people" in other than the West Bank and Gaza Strip, of Palestinian peoplehood as a whole.
For cooling and stacking of one or two endless rubber strips with a maximum joined width up to 200 mm, the Roto Strip cooler with a WWE single strip stacker unit is offered.
Band, cartridge, strip and coil heaters;and high-temperature, custom fit, fiberglass heating jackets for extruder barrels and transfer lines available with optional coated fabrics to protect against dripping and drool.
The sensor consists of a 4-centimeter-long strip of the magnetoelastic alloy used in antitheft markers.