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Repeat to weave a fabric-D strip, and then a fabric-G strip (5).
Assorted Bright Solids 3 yards total or 40 pre-cut 2 1/2"-wide strips for the quilt center Black Solid (see Step 1) 2 7/8 yards for strips and border Assorted Prints 3/4 yard for the binding Backing 5 5/8 yards Batting 69" x 93"
The cantilever cooling system was designed to meet the growing demand for a machine that would process small rubber strips and also masterbatches of endless sheet or cut sheet.
Supplies tubular, band, strip, cartridge, flexible, coil, cable and drum heaters; aluminum cast-in heaters, quartz radiant heaters, recirculation heaters, air heaters and industrial ovens.
For Better or For Worse: Lynn Johnston's family-friendly strip stirred up controversy in 1992 when Lawrence, a good friend of her protagonist family's then-teenage son, came out to his parents.
Wide strips will make a thicker rug but the braids are harder to handle.
Women might begin strip dancing for money, but many stay with the job because they receive attention, respect and adulation, he said.
From the pinch rolls, the strip goes through a hot rolling stand that reduces the strip thickness by as much as 40%.
If there was brilliant satire here, there was also brilliant marketing: Doonesbury was now branded as a strip for smart people.
Although the test strip has historically been seen as less accurate than other methods of water analysis, manufacturers have made great strides over the past decade toward altering this view.
They look a bit like war paint, but nose strips are intended to improve athletic endurance and performance by dilating the nasal passages during exertion and therefore, increasing oxygen uptake.
When The Boondocks, a sometimes irreverent and brash comic strip, debuted in newspapers last year, the insular world of national cartoon syndication witnessed the birth of one of the most critically acclaimed and potentially lucrative comic strips.
When long-term road rehabilitation lane closures require vehicles to be diverted to the shoulder, agencies frequently fill in the rumble strips by milling a trench along the shoulder of the rumble strip and filling the trench with asphalt.
In the first block of the first strip of "Doonesbury," the football-helmeted, stone-faced character sits in an armchair, with a blank college pennant hanging on the wall.
for the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, for a transitional period not exceeding five years, leading to a permanent settlement based on Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338.